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  • Yo can I get that Roserade?! I'll give you a blue ponyta neautral untouched and a green teddiursa that's neutral and untouched. Also I have fully ev'd pokemon. I can also give legendaries if you want. Please I need that Roserade lol. I'll give you whatever I can.
    lol true. But I am pretty sure I can beat at least the first 4. After that, it's the best of the bunch, and it gets considerably harder.
    There are 9 rounds. We have to get to round 6 to make it into he finals and get an invite to the nats.
    I've kept mine in the high 800's. I'm not doing to bad. I can beat people I haven't played before, but that list is getting smaller and smaller.

    lol I'm praying for that to happen. :)
    Me too. But I realized that i beat them all once and that the reason I get spanked is because I keep battling them, so they know what to expect and counter me. But since I am getting more wins with the TR team, that's the one I am using. lol I hope to at least make it to the finals also.
    Hey. I've decided to stick with my Trick Room team. It has gotten the most wins for me, thus far. I have tweaked it so that it is more solid and modified the strategy slightly so that it works better. As long as I don't face you, I'm good. :)
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