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  • Aww, that second one with Mami... ;_;

    Kinda reminds me a little of this one comic made after the revelation that Witches = Puella Magi where Mami and Charlotte are in the afterlife and the former forgives the latter and says that, "We can be sad together."
    Looking for a male Sigilyph with the egg moves Roost and Psycho Shift. Willing to offer other eggmove Pokemon in return. Please PM me if interested.
    Think that they brought in actual Americans for the first Eden of the East episode. Definitely check out that and the new Eve no Jikan episode.

    Shangri-La is awful, and K-ON is moe as **** (which means you may like it, I dunno). That new FMA series is getting mixed reactions; partly because some folk are more attached to the first anime, but also because the staff is apparently rushing through the current material to get to the more obviously manga-original stuff.
    Good, man. Digging some good musics, mostly.

    I'm out of the loop for anime outside of a few select titles I continue to follow (Eve no Jikan, Eden of the East, and Shin Mazinger), as well as the industry. Anything of interest happen in the past few months?
    Hmm, I wonder if Kelley still has that guild page with all the info about the members at that time? Haha, I remember that Kelley made my description sound like a wanted poster. XD

    But yeah, something like that would've been awesome. A list of "generations" of members? Well I can't say too much about before I joined, (I can't remember, was I one of those that joined in 2004?) but I remember at the height of my activity, there was an "Insane Triad" of sorts made up of me, Kelley, and Lugia. Good lord, I still remember the "pwn wars" we used to have...

    Well, it's good to see the storm has died down. I mean, I can understand it being a Pokemon guild and all, but talking about the same subject does get a little sickening after a while. x_X
    Good, good. Yep, I'm still writing my fanfic. Slowly, but it's coming along. Actually, I just posted a chapter a couple of weeks ago after a six-month hiatus. :p

    Good lord, it has been a long time since I've dropped by, hasn't it? I guess the old gang is slowly disappearing, huh? :/ I should drop by sometime. I don't know when I'll get around to it, though. :p

    Though, how is the rest of the guild doing, by the way? Is it still overrun by never-ending coversations about D/P? (If not, I can assure you another noob invasion will come as soon as Platinum hits American shores.)
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