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  • Sorry, not yet. Between work, housework, and that tournament I'm involved in, I haven't been doing much in terms of breeding lately. Hopefully it will be soon though.
    Sorry I missed you, I've only just logged onto the computer at all today. :(
    Okay, I'll talk to you later then. I'll try to have that Pichu ready for whenever that is. :)
    Lol, well, you've got quite a few hours before I go to sleep. I slept in extra late today. n_n Whatcha need?
    It's always a pain. -_- I think the trick is I have to switch my C-Gear after choosing an option for it in the menu... maybe. At any rate, enjoy your eevee!
    Don't worry, Japanese pokemon are extremely common. n_n Nearly every time I put a pokemon up on the GTS, I get a Japanese one in return
    Not quite. Masuda method means breeding a pokemon that was caught/bred/received in a game with a language different than your own with another pokemon to increase the odds of hatching a shiny to 1/1366 for B/W games. For example, my shiny Musharna was bred from my own Musharna and a Japanese one, my Bisharp from my Alakazam and a Japanese Pawniard, and I'm planning on breeding a shiny Zorua from a Korean Zorua and my DW Vulpix. Does that make more sense? It's one of those things that's easier to do than to explain, lol!
    I hear ya. You should check out the shiny discussion thread (not the trade one). It's pretty encouraging seeing all the people there hunting! I've only found 2 random shinies myself, and there were several years between the first one (zubat) and the second one (woobat). All the other ones I have I've either bred via Masuda Method or traded for. But I much prefer breeding my own to trading for them.
    Haha, thanks! ^_^ And sorry I didn't get your messages sooner. :< I'm online whenever I have the time to be online, lol! Today was tough, I've only just picked up the computer and I'm actually about to head to bed. On a related note, I really think I'm going to try a shiny Pinsir hunt later this month. I'd love to have a full team of shiny purple pokemon!
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