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  • Omfg, your sims are the best.

    Also, ooh, Sims 4! Man, I haven't really looked into it, but hot damn, it has to be the prettiest. And either way, I'm surprised I'm talking to you at the moment, given how soul-sucking the previous Sims games were, amirite?

    (Which actually kinda reminds me. Have you ever considered Tomodachi Life? It's like the Sims Lite if the regular Sims also did crack. I feel like you'd enjoy it. But mostly, I'm going around stealing people's QR codes.)

    I think I also said repeatedly that I'll respond to your full _____, but I think we both know that I have been so awesome at that.

    But for reals, thank you! :D NOW I SHALL SEE WHAT YOUR LIFE WAS LIKE WHEN WE SPAMMED EACH OTHERS' WALLS ON PC. ... Ho shiz, it'll be like old times, only with roles reversed. AND YOU'RE AN SMOD ON ANOTHER FORUM. IT'S PERFECT.

    No, but for reals, oh, Connecticut forests. New England forests in general. Except Massachusetts. Those are out of a Stephen King novel instead.
    Hey :) How have you been? I just realised it's really been 6+ years since we last spoke. Far too long!
    And now I have the mental image of you walking straight up to the Card portion of the shelf, literally grabbing the entire shelf of books in one armful, and just casually walking away without saying another word to anyone who might be within sight of you.

    Man, I miss hanging out with you. You should come here, and we should go hunt for OSC books around the city. I will have no intention of buying anything. I'd just take you to stores and watch as you casually scoop up entire shelves of books.

    Also, yes, I need that book in my life. I mean, for real, how can they write a biography of me before I was even born? I need to know.

    And thanks for the congrats! :D Haha, take your time with it too. I'm kinda hoping that this is the version that I'll finish, but then that would mean I'd have to find new and creative ways to make a fictional character's life miserable.
    Weirdly enough, it's actually third person (because it stands in for the phrase "a person in general," rather than "the person to whom I am speaking/a group of people that might include the person to whom I am speaking").

    I swear, I will answer those other messages you sent soon. x_x
    Asty, whenever I feel down, I go through my folders and watch this GIF for five minutes straight:

    And it's even better because now every time I see it, I think of you and how you would react if you walked into frame. :D

    (Actual response is forthcoming, I swear! But in the meantime, how were your holidays~?! And your birthday, of course. Sorry I missed it. X_x)

    Finally getting back to VMing peeps! ... Cause lol NaNo. And Tumblr. Mostly Tumblr.

    I also know that I promised a longer PM than the one you sent me, but I swear to God, it is right now giving me the same effect as the Bat Credit Card does for the Nostalgia Critic. Like, every time I want to sit down for responding to it, even if I know you said other things in there, I just want to go off and foam at the mouth. So WHEEEEE~!

    Also, I really wish I went and saw Ender's Game at this point because the politics is the part I liked the most about the books. :( But I've also read your review of it on LJ, particularly the part where they skimmed over Valentine and Peter's parts, and I'm like :( :( :(. Like, seriously. How could you gloss over that? I mean, I guess I could sort of see it because it really would deserve its own movie if it's done, but still.

    Also also, haha, I figured they'd hate Novinha. Like, she's a difficult character to like from the get-go because she's just deliberately a hard and aloof woman at first (although I love her myself and all her gloriousness), but yeah. Canon ships of older fandoms tend to get a lot of hate. Canon ships of newer fandoms do too, but, like, you at least get the rabid fanbase for the canon ships in the newer ones. Idek what I'm talking about, but tl;dr, I can see why poor Novinha gets so much hate. Even though she's ****ing awesome.

    Please post these pics to Photobucket or Dropbox or something. :<

    Hells yes, Huey Lewis and the News.
    There really should be unwritten rules about the Pokémon fandom and franchise, and one of them should basically be, "If there is a new storage system admin, Jax has already come up with the shipping name for Bill and them."

    And yes. Yes, he has. He brought his assistants too.
    I am almost tempted to ask about these magical PC secrets. Is it true that the Illuminati runs it?

    Wait. Wrong government.

    In any case, glad to hear that the stress of focusing on one forum is off your shoulders. But good luck spreading your lovin' around all of PC at once.


    *puts on porn music*

    Y'know, I keep trying to load PC, and it's still as shitty in terms of a connection as ever. And I moved to a new apartment since we last spoke, so ???? But that's totally cool because I now mostly raid Tumblr and pester people on Serebii. :D It's just that I won't get to see PC being PC anymore, I guess. :(

    Also, huzzah for getting through backlogs! Especially with video games and awesome things. What games, videos, books, and so forth are we talking about here? I'm guessing that at least some of this is a rereading of the OSC library in light of the Ender's Game movie, amirite, or do I no longer know you that well? But either way, yes, accomplishing things does indeed leave one with an awesome feeling, and I'm glad to hear that you've got some positivity going on. :D

    Thanks for the congrats! It sort of is a weight lifted, but yeah, now's the job hunt period. But eh. I'm doing the best I can, and that's basically all I can do at the moment. *le shrug* No sense getting my mood dragged down over it, right?
    Hey! Congrats on super modhood! 'S about time for that. :D How's the PC crowd doing? I haven't checked in in awhile.

    Ooh, what kind of things? Or is that more of a personal matter?

    School's actually over for me. Graduated with a pretty high GPA after a pretty awesome internship and all kinds of design and digital publishing courses. Downside is I'm still looking for a job in my field (because oh lol this economy and my networking skills), but I've got craptons of applications out and at least one lead going.
    Thank you! Man, I totally forgot that you frequent here for some silly reason. How have you been lately?
    Beaten by Jax who accidentally closed the window and had to retype the entire damn response. XD *high five!*

    Also, thanks for the text the other day. I'm feeling better, although I really need to give my body some rest in the form of sleep eventually. I think.
    :D I've been good, thanks~! :D I'm glad you've been goooood - ahaha, I remember you getting that. :3 How's it been going~? Are you still modding? x3 I popped back here after a while as well - I've been muddling around in other communities, but I felt like revisiting here. :3

    Haha, thanks! Trying to get myself back into the swing - got all rusty. :B x3 Ooh, you're in Irene's path...! Has it hit you yet? D: I've been following it on the news, haha.
    This is really unbelievably crazy, but it's me, so that's usual.
    You crazy. ;P

    But sure, no problem - if you don't reappear on PC tomorrow I'll go tell them then. =) Hope whatever the problem is gets fixed though, stuff like that sucks. >_<
    Hello. (I recall that username, heh). PC down again? Predictable.

    It is indeed evil. (Methinks its from some recent anime episode involving it being evil. And eating bananas). And never mind - I was kinda busy as well. There's always next time. =D
    ...That deserves SO VERY MUCH to happen. <3 It'd be even better than that time when everyone's avatars on deviantART were replaced with kips of the mud. X3

    (Odds are very extremely good that I will make that "Merry Christmas, Evil Kitty! *hugs*" icon sometime, oh yes. And also a bowtie one. X3)
    The expressions in that animation and that comic really amp up the win in them--especially with regards to the way the cat's all like :3 when it jumps up there and then :( when it's grabbed and set down (read: dropped X3).

    And kitty arm emerging from box and swatting at air = awesome XD I love that. ^^
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