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  • Such is science: a cold, heartless ******* with no appreciation for the caps lock key and the wonders it produces.
    Joining the list of things that make me happy: this thread, which is about something awesome. ^^
    That's all right. ^^ Such is technology, after all. Computers are *******s, all of them. X3

    Also, this makes me smile.
    The deleted scenes in that cracked me up. So did Oswald. XD Ah, that series is made of so much win... ^^

    The phrase "Boingo Boingo Wanky Knickers" made me laugh so hard... XD

    And everyone would be talking, then they would turn around, and there's Toaster-Forme, breathing nasally and making the ":B" face.

    YES! XD Oh man, I think Toaster-Rotom has just become my favorite of the bunch... X3

    And I shall second Washing Machine-Rotom as the lolcat! I'm liking the idea of that. ^^

    Professor: You is boy? You is girl? Let me show you mah pogeymans!

    Toaster-Rotom: :B


    Oh, and a full moon shining on fresh-fallen snow is...well... ";;"-inspiring.

    Hell yes. <3 And I also love the color that the sky tends to be at night when the sky is overcast and the ground is covered in snow. Oh, and that special sort of quiet that seems to be particular to snow-blanketing-everything conditions. It's just so peaceful. <3

    A discussion regarding socks--that is awesome. ^^

    "Cat" being trademarked was great, and yes, you did say "knickers" in that post. X3 I frelling love that word. ^^ I also really liked the next post you did following that one, and I think it was actually the one I wanted to give you positive rep for, though both of those posts do have repworthy moments, I'd say.

    "Go, Rotom! Go! Mow that child over and don't care!"

    That makes me ever so happy. X3

    So, for that matter, does the idea of the fridge-Rotom being like Bender. X3 Fridge-Rotom is totally going to be Benderlike in its mannerisms and sound just like him in my mind from now on, though in Fridge-Rotom's case, it'd be more like, "Bite my glowing plasma ***!" X3

    And now I'm trying to decide which Rotom is best suited to lolcat speech... let's see, Fridge-Rotom IS Bender, so that leaves regular Rotom, Lawnmower-Rotom, Washing Machine-Rotom, Fan-Rotom (I keep forgetting about that one for some reason... ;-; ), and Toaster-Rotom... hmm. Which do you think would be best suited to lolcat-mode?

    ...On a similar note, I would frelling love it (not "lever" it, as I initially put there o_O) if there were a professor in the games who talked like a lolcat. XD

    Ah, cool. ^^ I definitely look forward to the next installment.

    Some good news regarding the queue: it's actually on the verge of dropping into single digits! Incredible! O_O It's at twelve right now, and I hope to bring it down a bit more "tomorrow".

    On a random note, it's gotten... really rather cold lately. Not quite cold enough to really suit me, but still. It was like fifty-three degrees while I was out a few hours ago. Hopefully, the temperature will stay nice--and get nicer--in the weeks to come. ^^
    Very nice find. ^^ *bookmarks that*

    I've got to say, I have a particular fondness for fandoms whose canon(s) doesn't fill in all the blanks, ones that practically invite wondering and theorymaking. To this day, I still think Pokémon is one such fandom.

    ...I almost wish that an argument would break out over Metallus's drawers (or possible lack thereof! X3). Much as I hate to see people arguing, it'd still be a case of people talking about Metallus's drawers, which just sounds frelling awesome. X3

    On a random note, my antivirus program just informed me that its virus database has been updated, which sounded... interesting combined with the RHCP song I was listening to at the time. XD

    Depending on which chapter you've got, you might want to replace it--I finally got around to editing in the most recent versions of the chapters I have posted over on Pokécommunity, and some of those chapters have received more edits than others.

    Speaking of PC, it's good to hear that its server is working better these days. ^^ I like it when forums actually have reliable servers. *long, meaningful look at this board* X3

    Ah yes, I saw those. I've been watching the discussion regarding capitalizing the names of Pokémon species, too. (There is a post you made on that subject that I so wanted to give positive rep for, but I "must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Astinus again". XD; ) That definitely falls under the category of topics I won't touch--one of my reasons for capitalizing the names of Pokémon (a reason for which I also used to capitalize "human" in my fics) actually ties into one of this fandom's other points of debate, and I think I'd do well not to reopen that particular can of worms. XD;

    Yes, those particular worms come in a resealable can. Or they're kept in a Tupperware container or something. I don't know. X3

    ...Next time we talk on MSN, be very surprised if you don't see an icon of Metallus with bunny ears pasted or crappily drawn onto him. X3

    Yes, they are. ;-; I think the lawnmower's my favorite--it looks cute and absolutely insane at the same time. X3 Pwns the figurative pants off of my lawnmower fakemon, though I do intend to keep that fakemon and the rest of its line regardless. The fridge is another favorite--I like the rather serious look it has on its face. Also, I have decided that the fridge version steals souls and transfers them to the six-packs of "spirit beer" that I have decided it contains. X3
    I don't really spend much time on any given site anymore, to be honest, except to read and reply. ^^; I'm trying (to... very little avail @.@) to do something about my seemingly-unable-to-at-least-dip-below-double-digits-for-a-while R&R queue, so... yeah, as a result, a lot of my other online activities are unfortunately falling by the wayside except for IMing, which I can often do while reading something. (Yay, my multitasking abilities aren't entirely made of fail after all! XD; )

    If it's any consolation, I just paid another visit to the forum in question and found a nice PM there waiting for me, one of decent length and with a '90s music reference as the title. I don't know if that's the one that you tried to send before but that appeared to have gotten eaten by the server, though. Bah, forum servers... I've gotten to where I don't trust any of them to not eat whatever I'm posting/sending/whatever, even when it comes to boards that I've not known to be screwy to any degree in the past. X~x; Hence why I'm backing this comment up in a document. Or a "ducument", as I nearly put it. Quack, quack, I suppose. X3

    Oh, and I noticed (no thanks to the iffiness that is email subscription to a topic. o_O; ) that the Lounge currently has a couple of active topics that I feel I can respond to without stopping to comb through my answers very carefully for signs of potentially controversial stuff and pick said stuff out think things through and choose my words particularly carefully, so I'll soon be paying that place a visit again. ^^

    ...Damn it, I so frelling need to learn to draw Metallus! XD; That particular image deserves very much to be on-paper-on-screen and to be inflicted upon as many subjects, willing or otherwise, as possible. X3
    The lack of reviews over here and at PC makes me a sad Gummy Bear.

    And I will continue to be one until I get a Hanako-filled review. =(
    Ahh heya. To be honest I havent been around here *properly* in months. I moved into a flat in december and life has been pretty hectic since then. It's good to hear from you again though-how have you been?
    Oesddfjmkfg used lohgfsgfkhbykuh! It's stupid-effective! 8D

    Bashing the keyboard kicks ***. ^^
    When you were four O_O. I wasn't even born yet. *imagines a four-year old Hanako*

    When I was changing my username to Gummy, I actually though of making it Gummi. Sadly, my love for gummy bears overpowered my love for KH.

    That's a cool myth/story/legend/thingy. I see the connection; you're always reading fics but rarely leave comments (unless you're locking a thread =P).
    I've never heard that theme song before. Where does it come from?

    And I love your planet-rhyming PC name! But what does Astinus mean anyway? (or is it just that stuff in your sig?)
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