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  • lol yeah but it's a lot of fun! Especially when everyone gets extreme about! XD Ah gotcha! Yeah, my sisters and I are on the shorter side when it comes to height. My older sister is about 2-3 inches taller than Me and Kai.

    How are you? :D
    Yep! :D I also loved badminton, I was very competitive! >:D lol that's funny because I don't like basketball since I'm short! XD
    I suppose so! lol XD Gym was pretty fun, I miss playing volleyball the most! Floor hockey was fun as well
    I've never heard of it, what kind of show is it? lol yep, my thoughts exactly! ;D Oh yeah, Digiorno pizza is awesome!
    Haha gotcha! ;) Yeah I had bagel bites so kind of the same thing! lol XD Although I'm sure your pizza was much better! Oh yeah, what kind was it? :eek:
    lol I see. Anything good on? I just had dinner and now I'm back to listening to music! :D
    Definitely! XD Thanks! Yeah I'll probably be doing the same thing here in a few minutes, I'm going to watch Fringe. I'll just head out now but I'll be back on later! Bye! *hug*
    Yep, it's very exciting right now! lol ;D I'm doing good thanks! Just taking it easy. What are you up to?
    You're welcome! ^_^

    Both of them are amazing! :D Yep they are!

    How are you?
    xD ah well, might as well google it anyway. hahhaha. it should come to you eventually. Anyway, my little brother's here, and I should probably go cuz ive been online for quite awhile. :p
    hahahah yeah. I kind of like the black&white one and the dragon one most out of the few we have right now. :p
    Hahahahah, I suppose. but I usually just use the default ones, or a black one because I'm an energy saving idiot lololol
    Ah, hahah. It's weird that the CP is basically under settings for whatever reason, most of the stuff is on the opposite side it was on before, so yeah. lol.
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