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  • Ah, you think so? I guess I'm getting slightly more used to it now that I've been able to navigate around it better.
    Awwww, sorry I've been gone so long. lol. and I just had troubles logging in. Are you liking the new site stuff?
    I'd love to hear your opinion on our battle. Consider this...
    It was blatantly obvious he was going to lead with Forretress, so I lead with Dragonite because it would be an easy set up. I had no Rapid Spinner on my team, so I would be hurt really bad if Dragonite failed. He had a Whimsicott and a Scarf Latios, both could outspeed Dragonite or inflict status. He switched from Forretress to Whimsicott before I was going to attack it, so it switched right into a Fire Punch. Now, he only had Latios to out speed me, but failed to KO with Draco Meteor, so I KOed it and was ready to sweep the rest of his team. He had Pokémon to beat my Dragonite, he just handled it poorly.
    Yeah I didn't care for it, as you can tell... lol XD

    Well that's great! Awesome, I'm looking forward to it! :D
    Haha yep! It's one of those animes that you only need to see once, in my opinion. lol

    Nice, aren't you guys good students! ;D Sweet! I can't wait to see it!
    Yeah, neither did I at the time. lol :p I believe I saw it on syfy a while back

    Oh I see, that's not good. At least you got some free time though! :D
    lol ;D

    I believe you, I just wouldn't know since I don't listen to metal. XD I remember now! It's a four-episode OVA called Macross Plus

    Oh cool, it's amazing! :D Really? lol that's odd. Did you find out what happened to your teacher?
    shadow why did you post over the results of the war with GC and GVV in the league thread LOL...so confused...anyway ill be back emeraldGoblin just said they finished the war now and need our line up...well i need to get it by tonight...
    Haha yep! It makes me happy that you understand me so well! XD

    Ah gotcha. I've heard at least 1 or 2 of the bands you mentioned! lol :p It would help if I actually listen to metal music huh? ;D I listen to some Japanese bands, usually from OP or ED songs from animes I like. Yep, I just found out about Vocaloids because of Hatsune Miku. There's also this anime I saw once that reminds me of Vocaloids, I wish I could remember the name of it... lol >_< Oh that's cool!

    That is awesome!! :D How long did it take you to make that?
    I'll try, I can't make any promises though! lol XD

    Cool, what bands do you like?
    Yep! Oh well, what can I do right? lol XD

    Sweet, I'm doing the same thing. What kind of music do you listen to? :eek:
    Haha ;D It really does! D: Then again, it didn't help that I saw my niece twice this past week. It just made time go by so much faster than I wanted, not fun for me :(

    So what are you up to?
    Oh I see, well that's good at least! Haha nice! You gotta love having more sleep time in the morning! XD

    Yep, so excited if you can't tell! lol :p Yes they do... >_< Well I had this past week off as well but even that seems to go by quickly. It really sucks!
    Uh oh, did you have a rough week? :eek:

    I'm doing good thanks! I'm just trying to relax as much as I can before I have to take care of my niece this coming week, it always goes by so fast... *sigh* lol XD
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