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  • Haha awesome! ^-^

    That's good. Looks like you'll have to find out! ;D lol otherwise if you notice that you have fish for dinner one night, you'll know! XD
    lol I see. Yeah I don't like it either. XD Oh good, I hope that works then! ;D

    You're welcome! :D Haha very nice, I hope he had a good time fishing!
    Hmm, do you have orange juice or something? I'd go for something with a strong taste like that

    Awesome, I hope you have a good day with your dad tomorrow! :D Well at least he gets those days off! lol :p
    Well that's good! ;)

    Oh really, cool! :D What are you guys going to do tomorrow? Sad, that really sucks! >_<
    Probably not... lol hopefully you'll be able to go to sleep quickly tonight!

    Haha cool. I'm listening to music
    lol nice! XD You might be awake for a while huh? ;P

    I'm good thanks! :D Just relaxing for the most part. What are you up to?
    lol, i know what you mean about kids! i don't really like kids either... except my niece of course! lol. alright, night and sleep well!
    lol, thank you! i'll need all the good vibes as i can get! lol, she's not bad but it can be very tiring!
    lol ;D Yeah, that will be nice! Oh cool, so you guys are a year apart huh?
    aww sorry! i didn't mean the haha as a mean haha. lol, i meant i forgot it was monday haha silly me. XD sorry! :p
    lol thanks! I just wish that I didn't have to get up early in the morning when I watch her... then I would be set! XD
    yeah, i'm watching the office and talking to akko too. oh yeah, it's monday, you got school! haha
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