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  • Oh that's good, since you have school and all. It's fine for me when I'm not watching my niece, although I admit that I have stayed up later than I should sometimes when I'm watching her... lol XD I can't help it since at night is usually when I have some free time for myself!
    yeah and this week we could be up in the 70's! :eek: not what i was expecting in march.
    lol I can't remember... XD I don't know, I like staying up! ;D But not that late usually! Haha :p
    Well that's good at least! I'm sure I was up around that time as well. I've been getting into really bad sleeping habits lately... lol XD
    Oh ick! Yeah, that wouldn't help at all. Hopefully you weren't too tired!
    hey that's good! practice well help. akko and i really need to get on that... :p
    lol indeed it does! Not to mention that you had to get up an hour earlier because of daylight savings... >_<
    hey, that's sounds like a nice break to me! oh .hack//sign! akko got you watching that right? how do you like it? how was driving, scary?
    lol cool! ;D I bet you wish you were still on break though, am I right?
    lol now I'm all caught up! XD Yeah, I liked it! It's a little different from what I usually read but it's good :D Oh nice, two new chapters to check out! ;D

    How are you?
    well, i'll try anyway, can't guarantee anything! it depends how late akko keeps me up... lol. aww that's too bad! what did you do over break?
    yep! i'm going to try to get as much sleep as possible so i'm not drained for the rest of the week! lol. so are you on break right now?
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