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  • No, shes actually a lesbian rainbow drinker fashion designer....Well we think shes a lesbian, she does have red feelings for two of the girls
    Hey there! I read all the chapters for Black Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul! :D Oh a new chapter just came out so make sure you read it!
    Hey Shadow I looked at an RNG thread for once. (Just to see how it would work) But I really don't understand any of it. :p I seriously don't get how people do it. Anyways, how was your weekend?
    Ah gotcha. I love Hinata, she's one of my favorite characters from Naruto. lol I'll see what I can do! ;D Hey I'm going to head out now, I'll ttyl alright? See ya! *hug* :D
    Haha yep! ;D Oh really? I didn't know that :eek: I love Dry Bones! :D I picked him because his Kart was tan so I did Hinata Hyuga's symbol on it so it looks exactly like her jacket! lol I am very proud of it actually, if I can figure out a way to send you a pic of it, I'll do it! XD
    Same here, just the Kart games for me. Yeah, I didn't like it at all... lol XP I wasn't very fond of the coin thing and it never seemed like you were going fast enough, even with the coins. They didn't have Dry Bones so I wasn't very happy about that! My favorite character as you can tell! lol :p I ended up trading it in by sending it to Amazon and they give me credit to my account so that was cool, I got 26 bucks for it! :D
    It really is fun! :D Me too, The Kart series are probably the only Mario games I've ever played now that I think about it. I don't know if you've played the new Mario Kart game yet but I wouldn't waste your time, I hated it! >_< Mario Kart for the DS is the best in my opinion. Yeah, I had enough good friends to get me though high school so I know what you mean! :D lol yep, I will! If I don't start it this weekend, I'll definitely start it next week!
    You're welcome! Anything for a friend right? ;) Oh I see :eek: The only Mario game I have is Mario Kart for the ds. Aw, I'm sorry! *hug* I didn't have many friends when I was in high school either. I'll finally being able to read the Black Rock Shooter manga now, about time right? lol XD
    Yeah I'll try to see if there's anymore games that are bundled together and I'll let you know if I find anything! I've never played any of the Mario Party games before, are they fun? Well that's good! That was the most important thing right? lol ;D
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