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  • No, shes actually a lesbian rainbow drinker fashion designer....Well we think shes a lesbian, she does have red feelings for two of the girls
    Hey there! I read all the chapters for Black Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul! :D Oh a new chapter just came out so make sure you read it!
    Hey Shadow I looked at an RNG thread for once. (Just to see how it would work) But I really don't understand any of it. :p I seriously don't get how people do it. Anyways, how was your weekend?
    Ah gotcha. I love Hinata, she's one of my favorite characters from Naruto. lol I'll see what I can do! ;D Hey I'm going to head out now, I'll ttyl alright? See ya! *hug* :D
    Haha yep! ;D Oh really? I didn't know that :eek: I love Dry Bones! :D I picked him because his Kart was tan so I did Hinata Hyuga's symbol on it so it looks exactly like her jacket! lol I am very proud of it actually, if I can figure out a way to send you a pic of it, I'll do it! XD
    Same here, just the Kart games for me. Yeah, I didn't like it at all... lol XP I wasn't very fond of the coin thing and it never seemed like you were going fast enough, even with the coins. They didn't have Dry Bones so I wasn't very happy about that! My favorite character as you can tell! lol :p I ended up trading it in by sending it to Amazon and they give me credit to my account so that was cool, I got 26 bucks for it! :D
    It really is fun! :D Me too, The Kart series are probably the only Mario games I've ever played now that I think about it. I don't know if you've played the new Mario Kart game yet but I wouldn't waste your time, I hated it! >_< Mario Kart for the DS is the best in my opinion. Yeah, I had enough good friends to get me though high school so I know what you mean! :D lol yep, I will! If I don't start it this weekend, I'll definitely start it next week!
    You're welcome! Anything for a friend right? ;) Oh I see :eek: The only Mario game I have is Mario Kart for the ds. Aw, I'm sorry! *hug* I didn't have many friends when I was in high school either. I'll finally being able to read the Black Rock Shooter manga now, about time right? lol XD
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