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  • Ah crap, I knew there something I forgot to do! *face palm* lol I'll try looking up the games later. Oh that sucks! D: I hope you've enjoyed your vacation though!
    Awesome, I'm glad you liked it! :D I would watch Liminality first and then you can watch Legend of Twilight if you want, that one is based after .hack//SIGN and the first four games

    Sorry I wasn't on yesterday! I was pretty tired and I was taking it easy
    I thought you hunted those things? And RNGing doesn't feel right....it doesn't give you the good and lucky feeling you get when getting a shiny. It doesn't when you had to do effort. :)
    Good, finally weekend. :p And I'm continueing my shiny hunting again, after completing a massive part of the Unova Dex. First goal, Litiwck and then that darned Cobalion or Terrakion. (Since its shiny forme has red and thats my fave color. :p)
    Awesome! :D What episode are you on now?

    When I talk to you next I'll be home! YAY!! lol XD
    Yeah, you should definitely try to find the anime else where. I hope you find one soon!

    Ah I see, we are a lot alike! lol ;D

    Hey sorry I have to go, my niece is up. I'll ttyl though! Bye! *hug*
    lol yeah, it'll all be confusing at first but with time it should start making sense! Especially with Tsukasa. Ah that sucks! D: I hope you find a better site!

    Yep! :D It will, I can't wait! A week is usually my limit... lol XD
    Sweet, glad to hear it! :D lol oh no! >_< What are you confused about?

    I'm good, just tired. I'm going home tomorrow morning though! Yay! XD
    Don't worry, you didn't ruin anything! I promise! ;D

    lol let me know how you like it! :D

    Oh good! I'm glad it wasn't too close to your house!

    No problem, I'll ttyl! Night! *hug*
    lol that's good to know if I ever watch it! ^_^

    Yay! :D And the .hack awesomeness begins! lol XD

    Oh wow! lol that's a lot of water! :p How far is the street from your house?
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