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  • Definitely. Well that's good at least!

    lol good. I believe those are the only two you need to avoid, so you're all set! ;D
    I know right?! >_< It drives me crazy when they do things like that! Especially when they leave so many loose ends that were never covered

    lol yep, I hope you like it! :D

    You're welcome! I just looked at the list again and you don't have to watch the episode called "Evidence" either, it's just a recap episode
    I like when they do episodes like that, it's really cool to see what happened in the character's past

    Awesome, I'm glad it had a good ending! :D I don't like it when some animes leave you hanging in the end, I want to know what happens! lol XD

    That's cool! Yeah, that would be great if the chapters came out fast like that all the time!

    You don't have to look up episode 29, ".hack//Gift" because that's not a real episode in the anime so don't worry about that one!
    I see, that's interesting! :eek:

    Yay! I'm glad you liked it! :D Oh really, that's awesome! I bet that was cool to see. Ah yeah, I hate it when animes end like that! >_<

    lol nice, it's good that you took a break from your Corpse Princess marathon! Haha XD Gotcha, at least you liked it though!

    I got you covered! ;D lol here's the list of episodes!
    Awful!!! I fell of a horse and bruised my shoulder, the art shop i ordered userbars hasn't gotton back to me and ive tried 3, and no one has signed up for my clan. D=
    Oh thanks! :D Whether or not I watch/read it, you can still tell me about it! I don't mind

    lol yep! ;P

    You're welcome! ^-^ lol I know, I was thinking the same thing! Ah she's up now, I better go. I'll ttyl Shadow! *hug*
    Haha ;P Oh I see, well that's good! :D

    lol right! I feel the love! XD

    I wish I was doing something fun rather than watching the news but oh well! I'm just glad that I'm talking to you!
    lol yay! Corpse Princess marathon! ;D Oh really? That's really strange, seeing as you're only 3 episodes into it :/

    Haha yeah, you can say that! If I started playing I'm sure my niece would get up just to spite me! lol XD

    Yep, exciting right? :p
    Aww thanks! ;D *hug*

    Hopefully you find a good place to watch it!

    Sweet! Do you think you'll finish it today? :eek: Haha nice! I still haven't played platinum since I've been here, I'm starting to think it's not going to happen until I get home... lol XD

    I'm just on here and watching the news
    I'm back! :D lol I'm not sure for how long but I'll take my chances! Haha :p

    I hope your search goes well then! :)

    I don't mind guys being a little feminine but that was way too much! lol XD

    What are you up to?
    Good morning! ^_^

    Oh that sucks, sorry to hear that :(

    lol yep! His hair could of been shorter to make it more convincing that he is a guy! XD

    Ugh I might have to go, it sounds like my niece is getting up... I'm sorry!
    Haha thanks! ;D

    You're welcome! ^-^ I hope your search goes well! Don't mention it, it's no problem at all!

    He really does... it kind of freaks me out! lol XD

    Okay, good night! *hug* :D
    lol they better start winning then! XD

    Haha gotcha! ;D I just wanted to let you know! lol don't worry about it! I'll do it when I have some free time :D

    That's a guy?! Holy crap, I thought it was a woman! O_O
    If they keep losing like this, I'll really start crying! I hope the losing streak ends soon!

    lol, start watching it Shadow! XD Yes you should! Although I should tell you that the anime is more information based so I hope you don't get too bored with it! Ahh I should look up more listings for you! I'll try to do that later for sure!

    Definitely! XD
    I agree, it's makes me very sad D:

    Yep, we just have to distract ourselves with something else! lol :p

    It is cute! :D
    It really is! D: lol I know, they are so much better than that! What is going on with them?! *sighs*

    lol yep! ;) Sometimes it just took a really long time to update :/

    Sorry for the wait, my older sister wanted to use the computer for a bit
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