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  • White sucks :c makes me think I got it all and when I put the dark background I see the specks... ;^;

    oh.. okie *^* Its just weird *^* XP Im not a banner master :c


    **** Im sowwy :c Pain in the *** <.>
    I love a good rendering challenge actually. XD I take my time taking away the **** thats around the thing I want. <.>

    Oh... They didn't look like fractals on Sworns banners... I just feel like those where really clean brushes being used without any modifications to it. Because the fractals I usually see are full of background swirls and the banners I saw with C4Ds had a really clear background and neat/organized brushes.

    lol claw marks are awesome >:3
    They are hard to render anyways >:c

    What is C4D!? ;^; I don't get how is that different from a brush banner. So many *^* how?? D:

    nop. You can kinda create your own though. kinda.
    They dooooo~ ;^; Anime screen caps ??? <.>?

    Yay! X3 More like it wasn't Purrfect :c XD I ws gonna try grunge loooooooooooon ago, but I don't know why I couldn;t do it so I gave up so quick for that <_> and the C4D I still don't get.

    I know :c ^_^ Its limited in brushes. the other stuff is so-so.
    Yupness. As if Bulba had anime stuff <.> XD

    I like my kitty puns D: Have you tried making some new type of banner or naw or what? wazzup >_>

    :c ;^;

    There is no app for it yet. Its google. Everything is google chrome. The only gimp app it has looks like gimp, but its weird looking that it throws me off. Pixiv is mostly for pictures I guess, but it has basics for art. I made this one in it long ago:

    lol maybe its instinct... or something <.>

    But I was kittening :c

    Because its not right <.> Its like plagiarizing a paper ;^;

    lol me too bro me too... dammit D:< old *^* I just wish the laptop I have got gimp soon. Pixiv is very limited.
    Me too, but for some reaso my derpy mind decides to google images first.>.>

    D: noes

    no its not :c

    Me too. There arae those brushes that simply say who made them <.> Its okie, I don't use the computer a lot nowadays. i simply laptop myself to death.
    **** I thought I had seen it on the official website. :c

    Oh.. :c don't do it then D:

    Yup XP It reminded me of yours <_> I was like nu I copied Shadow ;^;

    holy **** D: I plan on cleaning my computer. Its making weird noises and I feel like gimp made it worse long ago :c goodbye music :^;
    Isn't that one out already? I wish I could have the patience to draw over the Pink Vivillon into HP Vivillon.

    Do it *^* Right meow >:c

    Thanks :D I was lke.. woah D: I thought I had gone rusty. It doesn't really look like my banner making "art" *^* XD
    Ima order a banner from you then <.> I was gonna make a new one with Vivilllon but I can't find the High Plains Vivillon :c I love it on my team ;^;
    lol I knew those feels <.> Annoying ****s >:C

    I made this for Zombie: so HD *^*

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