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  • Gotcha, thanks! When I beat the elite 4 I'll let you know so I can ask you what my last one is. What's your type and what pokemon are in yours? :eek:
    I like the male better <.> I caught the guy in a premier ball and the female in a luxury ball <: Have it back then >:c no killing spree Dx
    Nice :)

    I've been meaning to ask, but what pokemon show up in my safari? I believe you said my type was steel right?
    I hope it didn't take too long! ^-^;

    Now that you're free from my grasp, what are you up to? lol XP
    hey shadow how you liking the new game :) how are you? also you can add my friend code if you want :p ill add you as well ^_^
    You have an awesome user name, and I want some of those Poliwhirl. Would you add me? FC in sig.
    dammit and I rarely go to the grass naow :c thats good enough D:< I completed in Black, tried completing in White 2 failed and I don't know if I want to complete this one :c

    Psh one person >:c

    Wasn't Lucas blue? <.> and that weird kid.. Barney? yellow? D: I want one with RED *^* or white XP dat pose XD she actually reminds me of younger me with that pose and of course the hair color <.>

    goodnight then ^_^
    Oh yeah... I met Zapdos a while ago and fled :c mean D: I would have loved Articuno instead of having Zapdos pop up :c alas I need to trade or wait for Pokebank <.>

    naw no one uses it >:ccc

    I want someone with ****ing green hair dammit >:c too many brunnettes, little black and one blue haired is not awesome :c But... Hilbert is awesome :c I love Leaf still XP Serena reminds me of her. **** YES XD
    Then why is it on the list..? <.>

    Naw I think I prefer Dragalge than King >:c It will never be awesome ;^;

    Oh.. <.> wait what same color? As in how the characters dressed in their respective colors or what? I am missing this piece of info! DX I was a guy on White but I deleted because I was like.. naw this ain't moi <.> BOM girl it was XP I was gonna be a guy on B2 though *^* but I do not like Nate as mush as I like Hilbert >.> <.< <.>
    holy ****... wait. You can't breed Moltres you fool <.>
    I no like Kingdra >:c
    HOLY **** you are a girl!? D: wtf >:c you are a guy on my FC list :c and a girl on the game >:c <.> what D:<
    Then why you lie to me?! ;^; what are you gonna breed? <.> >_> I'm bredding Zoruas <_> XP but stopped collecting eggs >:c because Im looking to create a dragon team with a dragon from each gen <.> except... two I think.. it has no dragons :c
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