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  • ;^; You horrible person ;^; Ah well then we should >:c stop breeding right meow >:ccccccccc the eggs ain't exploding D:<
    Except mine >:c go right meow D:< or do you want to have a team battle with moi on that battle maison thingy <.> The Multi battle thingy.... or am I reading it wrong *^*?
    And Im just here sitting in the Safari <.> >:c that is good ^_^ Ima battle at the Maison as soon as I see most of what everyones safari will offer <.>
    Oh cool, I hope there's a steel type you like so my typing is useful! lol :p

    Yeah, it was disappointing :( I know right, the game is very addicting!
    Sweet. Each friend has a certain type in the Friend Safari right? What's my type?

    I just finished watching the Wild game, they lost in the shoot out... >_< Other than that, I'll been playing X a lot! lol XD
    That's good! Oh nice, I'm sure you'll get that done quickly :)

    What are you up to?
    Ah gotcha, good to know!

    Thank you for the Growlithes Shadow! You're the best! *hug* :D
    Just to clarify the text will only be edited where the names change. ^_^

    Gible - red and blue
    Larvesta - crimson red with golden circles
    Staryu - deep blue withh a couple of bubbles
    Magnemite - a tech-y or space-themed
    Larvitar - what you think looks good
    Azurill - same as above
    Gastly - dark purple with some black flames

    Thank you so much :D
    Thank you so much! ^_^ Ah, gotcha. Are you able to get to the Friend Safari before post-game? If you ever get your hands on a ponyta, let me know! Kai will be very happy :)
    Oh awesome, congrats Shadow! *hug*

    That would be great thanks! :D If you get multiples, do you mind if I could get a male and female? Have you seen a ponyta yet? :eek:
    Making some changes.

    Ezio - Level 1 Rufflet (Male) >>> Bruce - Level 1 male Gible
    Sonny - Level 1 Vulpix (Male) >>> Mothra - Level 1 Female Larvesta
    Michael - Level 1 Bulbasaur (Male) >>> Akara - level 1 genderless Staryu
    Chloe - Level 1 Litwick (Female) >>> Battlestar -level 1 Magnemite
    Dracolier - Level 1 Horsea (Female) >>> Sauryan - Level 1 Male Larvitar
    Hayley - Level 1 Cottonnee (Female) >>> Kanishaka - Level 1 Male Azurill
    Landon - Level 1 Chimchar (Male) >>> Anthrax - Level 1 Gastly

    Those are the changes to my pasbl squad, VM me back if you have any Qs :p
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