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  • Oh that's really sucks, I'm sorry! >_< Maybe this gen will be different! ;) Good job with the modest Yveltal by the way
    lol I don't know! I'm pretty lucky when it comes to shinies, ask Kai! XP
    I got a shiny Charmander from Professor Sycamore... lol XD I didn't even SR, I was just looking for a good nature!
    lol yep! I got them yesterday :p I'll send my 3DS fc to you in a PM. Send me yours when you get a chance! I'll come back on every now and then to see if you're on and ready to trade
    Oh crap, this is my bad. I just noticed I hit the 'a' instead of the 'e', meant for that to say Brendan x_x. COuld you change it whenever you get the chance? My bad xD
    lol, solid plan! ;D

    It look's like I'll be getting my game tomorrow! I'll get going on your starters so I can be ready to trade when you get your game! I'll ttyl Shadow! ^-^
    Just one more day Shadow! :D

    When do you plan on picking up your game on Saturday?
    Yep! I'm glad it shipped out early! As long as I get it by the release date, I'll be good

    Hopefully the next 2 days will go by quickly!
    yep and lol thanks it does, adding fairy type division is what i envisioned so long ago for teg but it wasn't a type so when x an y announced this type i was hyped :) I understand though the two oldest guilds need to kick up a notch :p Im working on it im already having a pm contest explain why you would be a good leader and etc so i will take all the apps and then pick the best candidate ;) so i two days i will announce a new leader and then getting the post ready slowly now to get everyone settled which all new and old members will have a chance to change there division once everything is tacked :p
    omg its finally working again >.> stupid browser >.< lol how are you ;) guess what teg will be adding a new division :p ill be leading the new fairy division as well as every leader will be having there own post :p Im trying to get teg more competitive as well it will also put less stress on me as well garnet will get his post for the war team stuff...
    Im laughin because i thought the shop you were running was the one that we opened and i was like? is he still running it damn
    My game shipped out this morning! The delivery estimate is today through the 15th. If it doesn't come today, I hope I get it tomorrow! :D

    Oh nice, at least you have something to distract yourself with until then!
    Only 3 more days until the games come out! I wish the rest of the week would go by faster! lol XD

    What are you up to?
    You're welcome! I'll probably trade with you one at a time so it's a little easier for me to do, I hope that's alright :p

    That sucks :/ Hopefully you'll be able to get X soon after
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