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  • Hey, um, I wasn't sure how to request this on your art shop thread, but I'd like a couple more vs banners, please.

    Just this one, but one with the challenger side grayed out, and one with the Kyro12 side grayed out (One for wins and one for losses, essentially)

    If you want me to request one thread, just tell me how to request that, I and I shall. THank you and sorry for any inconvenience Dx
    Consider it done! ^_^ I'll probably be on my Froakie hunt for a little while anyway so I don't mind getting you a Froakie and Chespin during that time
    Neither do I, but Xerneas is so freaking awesome that it's made me reconsider! :D

    lol thanks ^-^ That's awesome, I'd really appreciate that! *hug* Oh yeah, if you ever need version exclusives just let me know! I'm going to get myself a Froakie to trade over before I start my first run through so if you want any of the new starters, just ask! Same goes for the event Torchic (I want to get a couple before I offically start)
    Yep :) I'm thinking of switching out Charizard when I get Xerneas. It's the only fairy type I would use, maybe Sylveon if I don't want to use a legendary

    Nice, I'm glad you got what you wanted! :D I just need my Growlithe, Shinx and Ponyta (for Kai) and I'll be good
    lol yeah :p Oh cool. I'm planning to use Fennekin, Fletchling, Lucario, Helioptile, (for Heliolisk, I want to see what it's like. Unless I like Jolteon or Raichu better) Charmander (just using it for my first run through so I can see it's mega form, then I'll most likely switch it out for another pokemon) and Froakie.

    I hope so! Are there any pokemon that you want to see in X and Y?
    The Pokemon I like and use are all animal based so I was disappointed with the lack of designs :/ I wanted my team to be all Kalos pokemon but I don't think that will happen now. Who are you planning to use? :eek:

    I know! It's so weird not having at least a 100 new pokemon. I just hope that growlithe, ponyta and shinx's line make it into the coastal or mountain dex! I really want to see Arcanine's 3D model, it's my favorite pokemon
    Weird designs is a nice way to put it... lol XD I was hoping for more animals designs (like a wolf) and electric types. Oh well, maybe next time! :p
    see thats what it gets because of you >:c

    lol okie ima stop >.> might give you a heart attack <_>'
    Can you do moi a banner ;^;? XP
    Oh hell naw >:c You go do it naow or the kitty dies >:c

    lol I saw that one on Tosh.0 long ago. It was cute then I was like D:

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