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  • Yup, I'm alive, sorry for not sending messages for a while
    Lately I've been studying hard as hell
    I'm in the last year in high school, and well, I don't have a lot of free time
    But don't worry, I'll be getting on in here whenever I can, then I VM you

    So, what's up for you?
    yup, that happened to my friend's first egg and after he got it back both of his V-days are alt colors
    Yo, how are you doing today? I see that you your two V-day 2010 dragons. Did you know that during the first few drops after 12am on Feb. 14 that there was a glitch that made some peoples V-day eggs dissappear?
    Oh! If you click the one in my sig, it'll take you to ~Northern Lights~'s profile page. NL runs a thread in the Fanart Shops section called "Inoculations and Therapy Graphics," where she creates these Pokemon badges for people who request them. ^_^
    wow that was quick XD and I already have one vamp adult and one egg (starting to crack)
    Yo, whenever your vamp dragon can bite again, I will trade you a legendary ice egg for a vamp egg. ^_^
    Yo, did you get any of the new dragons yet? Also can your vampire dragon bite yet?
    I'm sorry about not responding, I have been a little busy lately ^^"

    If you still want one they have already hatched....
    When you have room for more eggs, I will trade you the new halloween egg for a vamp egg.
    Yo, quick question: how rare are vampire dragon eggs? I've been trying to get one since yesterday but no luck T_T
    Its because I keep getting lucky with shiny legends on soul silver, so far I have the shiny bird trio, shiny mewtwo, shiny suicune, shiny ho-oh, shiny lugia and 3 random shinies
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