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  • *Curious girl here*

    In any case if we continue this, we may have the same current case of amour thread
    what happened in the Amour thread?
    was that pokéshipper girl?
    Aww, I like black and white. xD

    Infernow is too picky. Well, good luck! I'll try to help out in any way I can, just leave me a VM when you need me.
    It's dead, but it is a sticky. Here. Have you asked around the the author's cafe or the AmourShipping thread? Yeah, the good writers always charge, haha. Comic panels... the death of me. Seriously, how on earth do you organize those? Square ones are boring, but blah takes too much room and this one is too small, blah. Hopefully there will be a side-elective for manga art or something of the sort, as I know a lot of my friends are interested in that style. Are planning on doing it traditionally or digitally?
    If I recall, isn't there a fic shop, where you can submit your story / shipping and then have someone else write it? Doing a manga is quite hard, I've seen countless people give up on the first few pages.
    I don't understand how you find that Yanderena face funny, but whatever.

    Torterra told me that he couldn't write the fan fic anymore due to the hardships of the horrible person called Life. What's going to happen now?
    Oh goodness, let's see how how horrible this conversation starter is.

    Torterra has been PMing me the chapters for reviewing, and he mentioned this in one of them :

    And Asuna said it would be great if you could help write some of the Hoenn and Kanto arcs, if you want.
    I just wanted to contact you to confirm that I'm quite interested. I can send a short writing example if needed.
    [Oh alright. Yeah that's fine, get the story as much popularity as possible. Just make sure you put my name on the credits :p I've deleted some messages from the inbox so you can resume sending me PM's now. BTW, my drawings are slightly better than his, as long as I have something to gain inspiration and structure off of]
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