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  • Not yet (not even a 3DS). I'm going to England tomorrow and planned to get a 3DS, and probably both games, there.
    Ég var að flytja og allt dótið mitt er ofan í kössum eins og stendur, svo ég þarf þá að finna DS og réttan leik. Gæti verið hægt einhverntímann um helgina.
    Apparently they're really rare in HG/SS and can only be gotten as a Pokéathlon prize on Wednesdays and Sundays, through the Pokéwalker, or as a very rare occurrence when you smash rocks.
    Crap, I was convinced I had at least one Heart Scale but apparently I already used them all. Do you want to just keep yours, since you did breed it and it does have Bullet Punch and a decent nature, or should I try to get a Heart Scale for the Adamant one?
    Well, you want the Adamant one, so presumably we should trade them again so I can get it at the relearner's, right?
    ...huh, it learned Bullet Punch when it evolved. Did yours do that too? Because if it did we're done.
    You can keep that one if you want! Haven't checked IVs or anything. Although then we'd have to trade it back to me so I can teach it Bullet Punch after it's evolved and then back to you.
    That would have to be done after the trade and when it's become a Scizor, right? I don't remember where the relearner is, but I've finished the game so presumably I have access to him.
    Sure, but I'm at work. I'll drop you a VM when I get home tonight (prod me if I forget and it's gotten late).
    From what I read online, you can't trade on Wi-Fi until you have your first badge, so presumably it's going to be a bit longer. But you can try when you've just gotten Pokéballs; if it lets you on, just tell me.
    Okay, I'll be refreshing my VMs regularly. Just tell me when you can trade on Wi-Fi in the new save.
    Sorry, I didn't see your earlier VM. I'm out catching Pidgey and will come on Wi-Fi when I'm done.
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