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  • I haven't gotten all the customs yet. I'm about 30% of the way there, I think. I know I have all of ROB's and Robin's customs, at least.

    I've been using Classic Controller Pro since Day 1. Doesn't really feel all that different from the GC setup. Makes it harder to pivot grab though, it just turns into a pivot tilt, though GC Controller is the opposite in that regard.

    You can get most of the legal stages through Event Mode. Only exception is Duck Hunt, which requires you to get a KO in Cruel Smash, which in turn unlocks Duck Hunt the character. Duck Hunt's faster to get through that method too.
    Ballin'. Can't wait to get that Villager and GW experience again at any rate.

    Also, for the record, I've been away from the 3DS Smash because the screen cracked. Makes it very hard to see where everything's at. Had the screen not broke, I'd be on 3DS Smash more.
    I take solace in knowing that of all the Robin's I've fought in FG myself, I appear the most capable.

    Raziek still cycles through me though. Gotta get through that hurdle. D=

    Word from the grapevine says you'll have a Wii U sometime this week?
    If you do so, please let me know. I'll add ya posthaste and we can have Smash matches with instant correspondence again...as soon as my internet gets up to snuff. lol apartment wifi.
    Let's talk about my favorite Pokemon games for their time remade and a game finally coming out in a 3 year wait.
    Still pursuing after a year break.

    I'm at UCO now, with the former director of the FBI as one of my professors. If there's any way to get in straight out of campus, it's through here.
    Friday is spent playing with local friends with Smash 3DS and then family outing playing Bingo in the evening, and the weekend is preparing for a Forensic Science Seminar/Case Study for Sunday evening. Been planning this for a week so I'm not skipping out on it.

    Maybe I can offer my 3DS+Smash up as evidence for the study. Then everyone will know the victim's/suspect's activity during the time of the crime was stuck in his room staring at the console for hours. :p
    I've got a busy weekend, so I'll be unlocking stuff at a steady pace. Then I'll figure out how to get my wireless internet going in this apartment; until then, I'll be using the internet on campus to play online.
    Imposter Ditto or bust.

    I've been thinking of restarting Black 2, since I transferred everything I needed over to X. Now it's just collecting dust.
    Pokemon XY has that way with players.

    Could try the General Chat Thread, or the Nintendo threads.
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