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  • Deep in space or from the pits in hell?

    Just kidding.

    Anyway, I'm trying to get the opprotunity to go to Dream World when ever get the chance to go to better wi-fi (aka Azuriko's place). Hopefully, I can work to 10,000 points at some speed. Drizzle Politoed you know. Do have a good time though.
    No worries :p

    Mole in Japanese is モグラ (mogura), which can be written as 土竜 in Kanji.
    That second character 竜, which means dragon, can be read as ryuu.
    So Moguryuu is a combination of Mogura and the more standard reading of the second character of the word for molea. The official romanization "Mogurew" is a bit weird, in that respect, but it is what it is.
    Hey Atoyont, how are you doing?

    I have difficulties in Brawl. See, while I try to be good with like 16 characters, my friend masters 3. He played Ganondorf for a while, and I couldn't beat him most of the time. One time I correctly dodged most of his attacks and got a win with Snake. Oh well, at this point, I'm use to losing pretty much all the time. It's the fun that counts.
    It is. When threads are merged, the posts get combined in chronological order, not sequential order.
    But it's all clearly explained, so oh well. ^_^;
    Hi Atoyont! =D

    It's the place we merge all the GPD threads that get closed. Every one of them. Keeps the section so much easier to navigate.
    Sure, I can help with that, no worries. I could also use a way to transfer some of the Pokemon from my English DP games.

    Unfortunately, I have Black too, but I have all of the 5th Gen White Exclusives so I can give you those too :) And of course trade evolutions would be wonderful :D
    I'll be free in about a week and a half so any time after that that suits you, let me know :)
    Oh, so so sorry! I completely forgot about your message! I'm awful at responding to VM generally. Anyway, I'm not quite sure I can help because I'm not sure what I could do get your 4th Gen Pokes onto BW. What did you have in mind?
    I would like to tremendously thank you for you pointing out that Seviper is another one in the Dragon egg group that can learn Dark Pulse via TM. I just recently caught a male Seviper with these stats.

    Quiet/Thoroughly Cunning

    HP 12, Att 21, Def 15, Sp. A 27 Sp. D 21 Speed 23

    IVs are approximate. This should go great with the breeding.

    I hate being corrected, but I hate being wrong even more. So I will say this. Thank you!
    I must have overlooked Seviper then. Seviper at least has a good Special Attack, so I may use that instead and do something else to my Ekans.

    Well, I'm glad you appreciate the list.

    Also, I'm sorry about the misspelling deal. I know little about Japanese, and I was just copying what I see. Nice to know new things though.
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