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  • Re-obtaining means you can get the TM either more than once or multiple times.

    I was thinking about getting a Sazando to learn Dark Pulse by breeding my male Ekans (going to evolve it to Arbok) and breeding it with a female in the Sazando line. That way, I can get a Sazando to create an aura embued with dark thought and terrorize everything in its wake. *evil laughter*

    Anyway, did you like the list? Did you find it helpful?
    Hey Atoyont, would you like to see my list of obsolete TMs and their method of re-obtaining them? I can send you a carbon-copy of what I sent some other person.
    With Shandela, I think people keep adding an extra "a" to it because of Lamplaa having two a's. Well, that's my best guess anyway. Otherwise it's just that people are dumb.
    Since I'm incredibly lazy, I will just quote myself from what I said to someone else.

    I like the fully evolved Water and Grass starters. The fully evolved forms of the plant bug and Meguroko. I like the fossil turtle. I like the Dragon/Ice Legendary. The frog was a given, and who doesn't like the electric spider?
    Oh, and I forgot Gochiruzeru, the gothic "Celestrial Body Pokemon".
    Whoa, forgot that today was your birthday. I have a mentor who had a birthday yesterday.

    Anyway, happy birthday man. Hope you enjoy it!
    Oh yeah, do you ever go on Shoddy anymore?
    I've been lurking there recently so maybe we could have a few battles sometime if you do.
    Although I forgot your screenname there. :p
    Hey Atoyont, glad to see your response.

    BTW, do you remember when Volteon was an active mod. Well, this would be the reason why you shouldn't mess with him.

    Currently, I waiting for Coro Coro to leak so we can learn about new Pokemon, but otherwise, I don't know if I want to play a Pokemon game or Wind Waker. I've been fiddling with the Pokewalker a lot though.
    Sorry we didn't do the cup, Atoyont.

    Still, you were pretty good in those kart races. It's likely that the Bowser cup will be on next Saturday instead, so if it is, chances are that if you and m19 attend, we'd have 5. (DSS wasn't on because I thought Skull13 would have been on earlier, so I played online matches before you guys came) BlitzBlast's TV should be fixed by next week and Ultimate Charmander might be able to attend, so we'd have a minimum of 7. Should be a lot of fun, so hope to see you there.
    1. SNES Ghost Valley 2
    2. N64 Bowser's Castle
    3. GBA Bowser Castle 3
    4. Bowsers Castle

    That's what a post by Skull from a couple weeks ago said, anyway.
    Hey Atoyont, how are you doing?

    I caught all three Regis in Pokemon Ranger and I only have 9 Pokemon left to go.

    Anything you would like to talk about?
    Yeah, my knowledge of Japanese grammar is pretty much nonexistent, I only know a few phrases and individual words. :p Importing? Nice. I think I'll wait for the stateside release though. I think you can take advantage of the Japanese events (at least the WiFi ones) if you import, right? So that'll be cool. I didn't get HG/SS but I'm looking forward to B/W. Even if I think they're starting to reach the bottom of the barrel in terms of content... do you think Pokemon's on its way out, or does it have a few more generations in it?

    Yeah, teen unemployment rates are really high right now. I've been trying to find a job too but no luck yet. I read an article somewhere that said that one problem is that the generally bad economy has resulted in laid-off, overqualified adults taking positions that are normally assumed by teens. Just keep trying I guess... x_x
    Yeah, that's correct. :P I was a little surprised to win a lot of those, but then I was surprised to lose some too (I thought I had at least a decent Link, but you play the best Bowser I've seen). Also when I was Luigi and you were Samus... aaaaaaaaaaa. I shouldn't try to edgeguard Samus, especially on WiFi. Oh yeah, the way you play Ganon is also somewhat unorthodox, it threw me off a lot.

    If you have time, you should go. At least for me, it was cool because I don't play many skilled people outside of WiFi (which is shaky at best because of lag). It's also fun to see people's reactions when you school them with odd characters like Bowser or Ganon. :D

    Can you read kana? :P I haven't really made a serious effort to learn Japanese or anything, but after "researching" anime and music so much, I've come to recognize some kana and even some kanji. Anyway, Remioromen is a Jpop/Jrock band that I like. :P The lead singer's voice is somewhat hard to get used to, but once you do get used to it, then a lot of their songs are enjoyable. Try: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXm4opLpFC4
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