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  • LOL! Ice climber is used to against only 1 on 1.
    Did you notice I crawled w/Snake or ZSS? I tried to avoid the projectiles.
    Hey Atoyont, don't know if you know the list or not, but I have made a list of characters that can crawl. Here is the list:
    Luigi, Bowser, Diddy, Yoshi, Wario, Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, Pikachu, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Lucario, and Snake.
    Metamence really hate only a girl character. xP
    I often play as both Samus and ZSS. Good games. What were you doing when you dropped out?
    I don't know if I'd say that, necessarily. I think Mr. Game & Watch is one of the few characters I can usually fight well against, which is certainly more than I can say for some. Yeah, you've got a knack for keeping me off balance with R.O.B., and with Samus, too, now that I think about it.

    I was using Random every time. You know what would actually be really cool? A character select thing like they have with stages, so you can choose not to get certain characters even if you choose Random. I hate Olimar so much (both in terms of being him and fighting against him). And I got Peach more than once, but at least I don't hate her as much as Olimar.

    Also, was it just my imagination, or when we were on Castle Siege, was there some sort of invisible barrier on the right side of the ledge on the first section of the stage at the end? We both died off of it, and it just didn't seem right.
    Sppf doesn't seem to like two different Japanese scripts in one location at the same time. Katakana and Hiragana don't mix. You get a random sign.
    Atoyont, I hope you're well. =)

    Ah, good going on obtaining Platinum! Yes, it will become quite exciting to experience both the large and small changes since DP. Do you have any team plans in mind so far?
    Well, although a majority of the characters are girls, out of every character in the Touhou series, there's only four male characters, if I remember correctly (hey, that's ZUN's decision), so we pretty much can't complain about that. =\

    Glad to see you playing Imperishable Night. You should start on easy to familiarize yourself. Then start capturing spell cards. When you play on higher difficulties, grazing is essential to scoring a lot of points. To graze, get close to...say a straight line of bullets (but do not touch it). The white dot (assuming you play Reimu/Yukari) is your hitbox. All spell cards have its own set of tricks, but I'll admit one thing - I have yet to capture every spell card in the game, but I have captured all the Last Word spell cards. We'll talk about Last Word spell cards later, since you're not up to that 'point', yet.

    Long lasting stream-like projectiles do that...
    Zard's flamethrower, Bowser breath, Squirtle water gun, Marios FLUDD...
    Yeah, Captain falcon and samus have the same Utilt and Ftilit, lol.
    Sorry I missed your message at first, I've just been browsing the forums sporadically for awhile. If you're still up for it though, sure, I'll go for a Brawl or two.
    First off, I can't access to my Wii on weekdays which means I can't access to Brawl. And yes, I've been playing Platinum ^^;
    Well, I guess you have to understand the situation and the family a bit better, but I won't go into excruciating details there.

    Anyway, I should have Platinum by tomorrow. Hopefully, that Secret Key event will be early, so I can go to my friend's house and do that and transfer my Shaymin and Regigigas. Part of the reason I reserve Platinum was for Rotom and the Regis, but I'm really looking foward to using more Pokemon in the story such as Yanmega, or Tropius, or Magnezone.

    What about you?
    You know what, I wished Politoed can learn Calm Mind and/or Moonlight.

    Have you ever wished for a Pokemon to know moves it didn't know now?
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