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  • Well if they don't show the final evolution for the starters I might go with Froakie.. The most favourite grass I like though is Jumpluff. At one point it was my favourite Pokemon ever but Masquerain took over.

    Vivillon is cutesy butterfly though its alright. I prefer Beautifly design wise. I choose my Pokemon based on their appearance rather than stats or how strong/powerful they are..
    I love grass type too! My faves are Jumpluff, Whimsicott, Vileplume, Cherrim, Leafeon, Serperior, Roselia and Celebi..

    I don't like Fennekin as bipedal. Even though its quite good. I was expecting it to be quadruped but whatever..

    I might end up changing them too. I used to like Pancham but I didn't like Pangoro.. I used to like Fletchling but not so much ATM.. I'm still considering Vivillon as I always catch an early bug on my first run through.
    Cheers! I'm getting Pokemon X too!

    I prefer the majestic Xerneas than the ferocious Yveltal.

    I've noticed you are choosing Grass pokes! Well for me I was really bummed that Fennekin's second stage is bipedal so I am not choosing it anymore. I think I might end up choosing Frokie.. I'm going to judge Chespin in its final evo.. Right now I have no definite choice..

    I'm seriously going to get Skrelp, Male Nyaonikusu and Amarusu the fossil Rock/Ice Dino..
    Not much. Still waiting for any additional info for X & Y. I'm still hoping there's like additional unknown new info.

    Other than that I'm just killing time waiting to go to work..

    So which version are you getting dude? Any set starter or Pokemon for your team?
    I really hope that's true! My first revenge will be on Gardevoir hehe. I also hope more Grass types will have acces to Leech Seed which is a superb move. :p
    Well it started with Team Rocket. I always had a thing for their Pokemon (Ekans/Arbok and Koffing/Weezing mostly) and they're just a very underrated type as Poison type is somehow neglected by GF. :(
    You mind if we talk in VM's now? ;D

    Ahw, I think you can change your username if you PM the admin, right? And thanks! What is your favourite Grass Pokemon? :)
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