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  • Ok, but Storm would have higher Aura resistance and possibly higher absolute levels than Amber's Lucario having had actual formal training and Lucario didn't even pass out.
    I have been away on a school trip to Toronto for the last three days and just got back today. I had an idea, what if Naomi or Storm woke up and then, noticing the Munna woke up the other to help defend the Weavile.
    Hey Audino Giltch, I'm just wondering if my charcter can have a small interaction with your character in PKMN ranger: fated spiral?

    The reason for this is I've gotten off to a rough start and remain without having any interaction with anyone. The conversation would probably consist of talking about why you asked your question and probably go onto you explaining why. I just don't want my character to end up a loner lol.

    PS: i do understand your charcter is shy but since you are the only to have posted in this most recent round, I'll call it, and be online I thought I'd ask you.
    That's pretty cool, we need more people like that.

    But yeah, that's fine. Might leave people raising an eyebrow or becoming suspicious that she's allied with whoever she's helping, but yeah, it's okay with me.
    Sorry about that man.
    I've been pretty busy in the past couple of weeks.
    As in. REALLY Busy. But now I'm back on track.
    That is understandable if I was talking about having played it. You really have to go out of your way not to at least know what it is.
    *nods* I will have to check with Minteh but maybe the Togekiss she saw is mine and I sent it out to look for the Munna or some such

    EDIT: She has something planned for the Togekiss so that won't work
    Eventful because it seems to make sense but otherwise I don't really mind either way. I don't have any particular ideas about what could happen though.
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