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  • Yeah, I VM'd DVB about Naomi and Guy, but he has yet to edit the post.

    I'll have the next post in about half-an-hour.
    I made an alteration to Guy's appearance of: "The Snag-Machine is completely concealed by the sleeve of Guy's coat, with the exception of the gauntlet on his hand."

    So could you change Naomi's question from "arm" to "hand" since that is all she can see?
    Ha! I made my Island RPG character before I even read your SU. Looks like Naomi will have a Spinarak to be afraid of.
    You have permission to bunny my character until Ray gets dragged out of Charlie's house.

    To know how to use my Characters, please refer to my Sign-Up sheet on Page 3 of the Sign-up thread.
    “It’s your thirtieth birthday. You know-” He was interrupted by my squeal of delight. I was really excited because my parents told me that I could become a Pokémon Explorer when I turned thirteen.
    Continuity error:
    Her dad says thirtieth, like 30th, but she's saying thirteenth. Which is it? :S
    I aswered your question about the tyranyBOAH set, hope it helps and keep on practicing your prection abilities
    hey dude, whats going on. I would like to offer some help, althought it looks like you have the forums figured out. Welcome, and if you are interested in competitive battling, im your guy
    Hey dude I don't think we've been formally introduced. I'm also in Battle Academy and I thought I'd offer some help if possible. you said you couldn't predict crap in this metagame right? well I'm not sure why but I have the impression the only movesets you're familiar with are the ones you use. If I were you I'd probably check out some of the analyses on Smogon, particularly the ones a lot of battlers use. Using a usage stat page is a great reference to figure whose using what. Also, and this maybe a ***** to do, but battle constantly. It may not look like it but putting in the hours, not minutes, into battling at a time can really improve your sense of battling.

    Of course you can disregard what I say. I can't live your life and it would be pointless for me to try but I figured I could help you by pointing you in a good direction and I can help me by consolidating what I know. Teaching is a form of learning you know ;)
    I just aswered your question about predting at the competitbe 5th generation ask a question thread, hope I made myself clear, if you have anymore question about competitve battle don´t hestate to VM or PM me
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