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Aura Flare Riolu

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    You've got an impressive collection of shinies in X/Y. I'm trying to breed for my first shiny with a Japanese Charmander I found on GTS. Using a ditto. Any suggestions?
    Darn forums was on maintenance.

    Anyways, I noticed you got a Shiny Honedge, congratz!

    Are you still on by chance?
    Currently breeding ghastly but I have froakies that are protean. I can give you a female and male set of froakies.
    I noticed you got a Honedge with 0 Speed IV's, would you be willing to breed one for me with 0 Speed IV's, I will be glad to give you something with 5 IV's for that.
    Nice sig. I like how it's a Flareon that beat a Lv. 105 Zekrom despite what most competitive people say about Flareon's uselessness.
    I'm having so much trouble doing this. I downloaded blaze black 2 and it didn't show up in the rom folder, and I'm on the look for a black 2 because it says I need that to run it. I'm not the best at computers.
    That is really cool, I'd like to try them because I heard that black and white had a hacked version out. I think the only problem would be what I would run it on. I have visualboyadvance, but I'm assuming that won't work. Is there some ds emulator that I could donwload?
    Whoa, I just saw your signature with that picture. HOW did you see a level 105 Zekrom? Is that a mod for the game that someone made? That's pretty cool as well, you took if down with a Flareon. Didn't think anyone used it.
    How did you make all those cool Pokédex 3D Pro pictures? Can you say where you got the QR Codes?

    Also, I noticed that one of your pictures (the one with Darkrai, Gothitelle & Gothorita) had the sprites from 3D Pro in place of PokéPark 2. How did you do that?
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