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    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Here's the Thank You code. @ = double circle.

    P1M0@J@ 7PY@2M T-W%7+-
    X3F=+WM S@+&XK 2+Q+7RP
    55@NH-P 8&=#X= M9Q&N9-
    37C055K 9H515- 6K2-W1F
    You've got an impressive collection of shinies in X/Y. I'm trying to breed for my first shiny with a Japanese Charmander I found on GTS. Using a ditto. Any suggestions?
    Darn forums was on maintenance.

    Anyways, I noticed you got a Shiny Honedge, congratz!

    Are you still on by chance?
    Currently breeding ghastly but I have froakies that are protean. I can give you a female and male set of froakies.
    I noticed you got a Honedge with 0 Speed IV's, would you be willing to breed one for me with 0 Speed IV's, I will be glad to give you something with 5 IV's for that.
    Nice sig. I like how it's a Flareon that beat a Lv. 105 Zekrom despite what most competitive people say about Flareon's uselessness.
    I'm having so much trouble doing this. I downloaded blaze black 2 and it didn't show up in the rom folder, and I'm on the look for a black 2 because it says I need that to run it. I'm not the best at computers.
    That is really cool, I'd like to try them because I heard that black and white had a hacked version out. I think the only problem would be what I would run it on. I have visualboyadvance, but I'm assuming that won't work. Is there some ds emulator that I could donwload?
    Whoa, I just saw your signature with that picture. HOW did you see a level 105 Zekrom? Is that a mod for the game that someone made? That's pretty cool as well, you took if down with a Flareon. Didn't think anyone used it.
    How did you make all those cool Pokédex 3D Pro pictures? Can you say where you got the QR Codes?

    Also, I noticed that one of your pictures (the one with Darkrai, Gothitelle & Gothorita) had the sprites from 3D Pro in place of PokéPark 2. How did you do that?
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