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  • Hopefully :p I haven't had many readers lately. I remember I had a lot when I wrote Dedication Through Light and Darkness.
    Well both ideas sound intriguing however I wouldn't write one if you didn't feel comfortable with it. That's one thing that often destroys writers, when they are asked to write something that they aren't comfortable or pleased with!
    I started it already. Just need to put the finishing touches on it. Then I'll post all three in the same day.
    It is year, and I don't know if I'll make it. I really hope so, but you never know. And yea it'd be a lot but most of my chapters are just 1 post long so probably will work out to be less than the guy with 80 chapters.
    70ish to go lol, I just came up with loads of ideas and stuck them in, more plot and character development than the odd *we meet a character of the day with a pokemon of the day* and so technically it will finish at around 100 Chapters lol. The sequel would be in Johto and will hopefully be shorter, or I just get chapters completed quicker!
    A sequel, but that's if I ever get there lol. I'm pretty far away at the moment, about 70 odd chapters to be preciseish. lol
    That would make sense, but Lugia isn't even Water type :p Sinnoh is a really big region. I tried a Sinnoh fic once. Remember that? By chapter 28 they barely made it to Veilstone City and the plot wasn't fully developed :p
    Since it's based in Kanto somewhat then I would say Charmander. If you use Houndour then he could catch a starter like Squirtle later on. Yes, all three at the same time.
    That would be a good idea, I really wish I had done just that, that way I wouldn't be lagging behind lol!
    I might just start a new one for Beyond the Limits of Light and Darkness, but just keep the Remix thread up. Really? :eek: That's cool.
    Ah I see, well yea once you do I'd be happy to read it over for you. And lol it's indeed a secret hehe
    Ah I see, well yea once you do I'd be happy to read it over for you. And lol it's indeed a secret hehe
    I'm going to rewrite the beginning of Beyond the Limits of Light and Darkness and see the type of reaction I get. Maybe I'll repost Remix or just continue with it. Then I'll post Genesis to see how that does.
    I say second chapter. If you present it well then it will hook people and they will know the originality of your fic.
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