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  • Hiya! Just messaging you to remind you that you have a reserve in my roleplay. I'd like everyone to be done by Friday if possible.

    Thank you.
    Hi there! Unless you are copy-pasting any text written about this character without crediting the original writer, this is not considered plagiarism. You are definitely allowed to base a character off of an existing character, especially if you are then putting your own unique spin on it. If you want to be safe, you can state somewhere in your SU "my character is loosely based on ________." It's up to the individual GM whether or not they'll allow you to base your character on a pre-existing one, though!

    I hope that answers your question! :>
    Yeah the content that is dark is pretty messed up. .__. I hardly know any other game that includes what they implemented. That said, I'm sure the maps will be revamped in some way! :D I will admit I like the size of the maps although hopefully there's some way to traverse easier through them. :p

    I'd love a long game too! Hopefully not like how Thracia 776 is in terms of being super difficult. :p
    I love the Spartan class too! The flying one got away from my thoughts but I love that one too! :D

    Oh yeah it's indeed dark. Like for one I think there was brainwashing of children? o_O I do love the villains though as well as some of the characters like Ayra and Larcei! :D
    Haha they seem to be super powerful too! I might consider getting at least those and the Rise of the Deliverance DLC. :eek: Of course I need to get Echoes first and that might be later in the summertime. .-. Hopefully this does well to spark new remakes for FE4 and so on! :D
    Oooooo 3rd/4th tier classes! I think those were in the Tellius (Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn) series? :eek:

    But yeah it costs more than the game! I also remember Awakening's DLC being priced altogether like that as well. .__.

    And yeah I'm looking forward to RPing with you too! And I'll definitely look into the RPG Advice thread sometime! At this point it should probably be renamed to the SPPf RPG Forum Suggestion thread. :p Regarding the word count and how high the standard is, I feel both long and short posts have their pros and cons!
    Ah it's OK~ But yay, I'm not the only one learning in RPs! :D

    I started back last year in October actually but I wanted to join in 2015 but there was (and still) nothing for new RPers to get settled into the community. .__.
    Yay it had some replies! Although I'm a bit salty no one answered my question in the advice thread back then. ;__;

    I want one of them Oh nice! The older FE games are hard to come by nowadays so hopefully the lucky buyers will get to have their dream become a reality! :eek:
    Sorry for the late reply but yeah that's what people been saying. X_x I did make a couple of threads in the RPG Cafe to try and get some stuff going though!

    Just Awakening and Fates although I do want to play Blazing Blade one day! Echoes looke nice to me but I doubt I'll be able to get it at launch. ;-;
    Ah...darn. Looks like I missed my chance to join. Let me know if anyone drops and if there's a spot open please.
    Tbh I'm actually surprised by the amount of interest myself. Granted that's always a good thing but still. o_O

    (And yeah I'll definitely notify you all if any spots/any changes are made!)
    I'm doing pretty well, thanks! Got finals coming up, but once that's over, it'll be smooth sailing. And yeah, it looks like it'd be a lot of fun! Maybe it'll inspire more RPs like it in the future so we can join in XD How've you been?

    After making an account, on the avatar creator page, scroll down and click on the large button that says "What if I had all of the items" and you can make your character. You might need to make a base avatar first.

    I have no idea. People just don't post much I guess... :/
    Hey Aura! Great to hear from you! Actually, I've never used an avatar creator for RPing since the first time I looked up the site, it tried to give my computer a virus. Monster Guy might know of one though! Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
    Anytime ^-^ I just got my game today, so I'm not that far into it yet. Based on Serebii's site, Rockruff should be at Ten Carat Hill - Farthest Hollow
    That sucks, sorry to hear that :/ Don't worry about it too much, you'll figure it out. Nice, I really like Decidueye as well! My favorites are Rockruff and Midday Lycanroc. I also like Jangmo-o, but I didn't care for it's evo's much
    I'm glad you're doing alright :) How are your classes going? Do you have any favorite pokemon from S/M?
    Hey Aura! I'm doing well, thanks! You? Yep! I'm buying Sun, which one are you getting? :eek:
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