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  • Oh wow, that's cool. You shouldn't feel bad, it'll be spring in no time and hopefully you'll be back at your university! :) Yeah, it's alright! I've been working as a teacher's aide for a little over a year now. At my new job, I'll be an education assistant/monitor. Not all that exciting... lol XP
    I'm glad you're doing well! I see :eek: What are you studying? Nice, I hope you're enjoying your vacation so far. I've been doing fine thanks! Just working mostly. I'm starting a new job in September, so I'm happy about that ^-^
    Hey Aura! :D It's been a long time! Of course I remember you, how are you doing these days?
    Oh, thank you! FairyWitch does a great job with banners and I love Skyward Sword's Zelda, so all fit together well!
    Thanks. By the way, the RP's up and running, and we've got some stuff going on. I'm actually posting right now.
    Hey, you never ended up removing the part of the SU that broke cannon. Could you please do that for me so that we can avoid confusion?
    Definitely! Once I saw Braixen in the Pokemon Amie, I was like yeah... there's no way I could ever see her as a male. Good thing it didn't take me long to get a female Fennekin. lol, I know right? :p

    Yep! I'm 95 hours in, I spent a lot of time in the Amie and getting money from the battle chateau early on though. Alright, sweet :)
    Heh, AA even told that I'm good at playing the villain. If you were in his last RP, you'd understand. But yes, I wanted to create somebody that's truly evil. AS if she was some sort of Charles Manson incarnate. I think that hanging the mutilated bodies of the kids that put her in the hospital from the church towers was ore than enough, but I went even father. XD

    It is. I mean, the dark abilities aren't that hard for me. The hard part is more of coming up with what to make the Player Character effect be on some of them. XD
    Yeah, I see where you're coming from. Sonne has been around much longer than Xiav, so yeah. That part can stay.

    You're welcome. Oh, but my character is already out in a WIP. The only thing I need is five more abilities, and I'm set. You should take a look when you have the time.
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