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  • Alright, glad to hear that you understand. I'm just trying to make sure that everything goes as it's supposed to.

    Oh, and as an addition, the Order of Xiav didn't come into existence until recently. Sorry for causing some confusion right there. I can't believe I forgot when Eris founded it! XD

    You have an interesting character there, I look forward to seeing her at some point.
    Hey, I'd like to contact you regarding your SU in AA and I's RP.

    Your SU has a part that seems off balance. In case you didn't read my SU, it's a bit more apparent that the order of Xiav was established by my character when she was around 18 or 19. That would mean that your character would be either 9 or 10 when it was founded. I just wanted to clarify this, as you said in your SU that they were trained from birth to fight my group specifically. I'd like it if you could fix that.

    I don't mean to be blunt by this, I'm just trying to make sure everything in these SUs are in line. It doesn't make sense when one person has one thing, and then another has something that implies against that. I hope you understand.
    I got X. Fennekin was my choice as well :D lol yep, mine too has evolved once and she's staying that way! I'm going after my 7th gym badge right now. If you ever want to trade version exclusives let me know!
    I'm glad you're doing alright! ^-^ That sucks, hopefully school will get better for you. lol yep, breaks are always a good thing! ;D I'm doing fine thanks! Just busy with work and watching my niece... fun times! XD

    Did you get X or Y?
    Not really at the moment. I just need to get ideas on paper to work with. what region do you think I should use?>
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