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  • Sigilyph is an absolute nightmare to stop once it sets up to +6 +6 defences,BUT note that dark types will completely walk over you,so another poke needs to be ready for them.

    So-in short-if you want to build a successful subway team,take advantage of the fact the opponent never switches :]
    Hey,at the end of the day,it's your team,not mine-do what feels best for it.

    I'm interested in getting BP above all,not too fussed about a streak.It's painfully annoying when the game intentionally cranks up the difficulty against opponent no.7.
    The Durant strategy is the one I'd like to try the most at the moment,because of its guaranteed success.
    Genesect is banned.Clamperl isn't a gimmick in this situation-its sp.atk shoots sky high with deepsea tooth and after a shell smash.Don't underestimate it,it's much stronger than it looks.
    Tailwind in singles is a bit of a waste of time without a team dedicated to keeping it up.Garchomp has no means of boosting his speed himself(thank god),so a baton pass chain(as aforementioned) could work wonders for him instead.From there,you can sub and sword dance up,thus killing every subway team you encounter with ease.
    At +6,Garchomp will hit most things very hard.I wonder about airbourne steel types,but you could have Durant and another sweeper w/baton too.
    It looks good at the moment,though I'd personally choose another poke over Garchomp in this situation.
    Do you have a spare DW Durant,or know where I could get one?
    I've wished to try the strategy myself for ages _ _
    You're missing the obvious: any team with the True Ant in it is perfect!
    To round off your team,you could always use a shell smash user such as Cloyster(though it is a bit generic-Clamperl may be better),or a Quiver Dance user such as-say-Masquerain(since for a Bug/flying type,it's coverage is brilliant.It also gets baton pass,so could give Garchomp a major leg up if things are going nowhere :)
    After pasting truant onto your foe,switch into them and boost up to max.Add protect to your moveset - you're resultant sweeper is unstoppable(when does the CPU ever switch?).

    By the way,do you possibly have a spare True Ant that I could have?I've wanted one for AGES.
    No thanks a lot! Appreciated.
    It's cool that you're still here and active.

    Last exam finished today for me and I'm actually off to Japan tomorrow!
    As I'm sure you know my mom's side is Japanese so it'll be good to see family. I haven't gone in a pretty long time so i'm super stoked
    How's your summer lookin?
    your request has been made, please pick up your profile picture at flower paradise graphics and thanks again aura for choosing my art shop :)
    I dunno, something that isn't seen all that often would be nice.

    I've described everyones IGRMT career in two sentences :p
    I'd much prefer Dragonite for Hurri-spam. It has reliable recovery, Multiscale, and better typing than Tornadus does.

    No, we just managed to avoid Haxorus dropping go UU, thank the gods. At +2, it literally OHKO's the entire tier save Max/Max Impish Escavalier and Max/Max Impish Quagsire (thanks to Unaware) with the right move. No, Chansey stuck around for about a month, same with Deo-D. Cloyster would just be monstrous in UU, so I hope it stays away.
    Oh, sorry... Well, if the situation changes, and you can use it for some reason. Don't be afraid to hit me up for a battle.
    Here is a list of what Mag can actually set up on:

    Ferro if it isn't the band set
    Scizor if banded and you revenge it after it pursuits/bullet punches
    Some Jirachi

    Every other steel type has a way out :/. Even when you set up most teams have something that can switch in and take next to nothing from that set. Yache is interesting
    It does, but it still isn't enough for people to use it in OU. Which is why the BU set is mediocre.

    ...good god no. The possibility of Hax-r-us dropping was bad enough, but Cloyster? If that happens, I'm done.
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