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  • Hmm, who PM'd you the Welcome PM? Really one of the Leaders should send it to you but seeing as we're always a bit busy these things can slip our mind, so asking for it tends to help.
    Sure, anytime you wanna battle or try to get some advice for your team is fine with me.
    Good game, thank you for being patient with our comflicting schedules and for changing your team for the rules.
    Make sure that the rest of your team follows standard rules, too. I will meet you online, and thanks for changing your team.
    You just used a Rayquaza. Ray is banned by standard rules. This tourney goes by standard rules. Please read the rules and re-challenge me with an allowed team. =/
    Okay, I will see you on for the tourney match - standard rules. Good luck and have fun! My fc is 3222 6165 5568 -I have yours already.
    Thanks for the felxibility, I will try to back around then, if not, then around 10:00 or sometime tommorow, but hopefully tonight.
    Uhhhhhhhh I really need to leave at around 4:30 so I don't think I have time anymore...Will you be on around 9:30? If not, I will be around most of Monday...
    Okay...I need to leave at around 4:30, so please VM me as soon as you can battle. Thanks.
    Hello? Please contact me next time you are on, we need to find a time for our tourney battle.
    I'm your tourney opponent; Lemme know this weekend when you can battle, just give me a VM.
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