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Recent content by AuraKing16

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    Rate my Team

    ;448; Lucario @ choice band Ability: Steadfast Nature: Jolly (+spd/-sp.atk) Evs: 252 spd/ 252 atk/ 4hp Moves: -Close Combat -Stone Edge -Extreme Speed -Crunch Used as a physical sweeper ;006; Charizard @ heat rock Ability: Blaze Nature: Modest (+sp.atk/-atk) Evs: 252 sp.atk/ 252...
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    who was your first pokemon

    Cyndaquil all the way!!!
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    Trainer Card Express

    Name:Jacob Trainer Sprite: Gold (g/s) Pokemon: Typhlosion, Crobat, Alakazam, Sudowoodo, Lapras, Lanturn Pokemon behind sprite: Alakazam Card: anything dark Badges: Johto
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    Best Game of Second Generation?

    I'd say silver it was the first pokemon game i ever got
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    Rate My Team

    Lucario nature-mild item-choice specs moves: Dark Pulse Psychic Aura Sphere Dragon Pulse Garchomp nature-quirky item-??? moves- stone edge earthquake dragon claw swords dance Milotic nature-sassy item-wise glasses moves: Surf Ice Beam Toxic Recover...