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Apr 8, 2017
Jul 10, 2014
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AuraKshatriya was last seen:
Apr 8, 2017
    1. Rohanator
      Thanks for the tip xD But I ended up watching live and not losing the hype afterwards either, somehow it worked out lol.
    2. Navin
      Yes, thank you. Hopefully I did well - I'll find out in a few weeks. It's going to be a stressful year ahead with the application cycle. Probably will be getting interviews next year (if I do), but hopefully I can get one before the turn of this year and *knock on wood* get an acceptance somewhere.
    3. Rohanator

      Before I answer anything I gotta point out that I've never been that good with digital stuff, I just kind of get by with methods that might not work for everyone else, you should probably look up tutorials on youtube or other sites as well just in case. But I'll try and answer each question as well as I can.

      1. As far as I know Epson and Canon brand scanners are the most recommended for artwork. I have a Canon, though it's not really an optimal model, just something I happened to have already when I started. Make sure it's the right size, A3 if you wanna draw bigger drawings, if not then A4 is fine. There's more info online if you just look up "best scanner for drawings" or something.

      For settings: Black and white setting for colourless drawings, a youtube video made by a professional recommended 1200 DPI but my scanner only goes up to 600.
      When scanning coloured drawings you wanna turn the contrast to max for the best lighting.

      As far as double pages go I just kind of stuck the two images together as precisely as I could, there WAS a little seem left initially but I got rid of it on my art program, pretty much just by zooming in really close and filling in the blanks. If there's a tutorial for a better way to do it I haven't found it yet.

      2. I have a Wacom Intuos tablet (small size). It doesn't have a screen built into it cause those are really expensive, but it didn't take me that long to learn to use it even if I had to look at my computer instead of my hand while drawing. Wacom Cintiq has a screen.

      3. I have Mangastudio 5, but Photoshop is perfectly fine too (possibly better), I've heard Paint Tool Sai works too.

      4. Most likely not just because it really isn't something I specialize in, there should be plenty of tutorials for Mangastudio and Photoshop on Youtube that are better than what I would put out.

      Sorry I can't really give manual level answers, hope I can still be of some help.
    4. Wаffles
      Hey Dephender (the user below me, my buddy).
    5. Dephender
      I didn't do the early ones that were marked as "temporary", just the latter two.

      Basically, the word in the title that's not just a Pokemon name is "karakuri", the same word that's been translated as "machinery" in the various movie summaries, though it's also used about mechanisms and contraptions of various kinds (it's also the word translated as "trick" in the name of the Trick House in Hoenn) and specifically about automatons and mechanical toys. In this title, however, it's written in a specific and relatively non-standard way that uses the kanji for "machine" and "ingenuity", and I wanted to incorporate that. There's also the matter of the word being used about clever thinking in general (in a "cogwheels in your brain" kind of way), and while all of this is probably overthinking it a bit, I feel "ingenious" really carries every possible meaning the title could be thought to have.

      "Contriving" was just a bad attempt at the same before I hit on the much better "ingenious".
    6. Rohanator
      Ah I see, I'm up to date with the manga and won't spoil anything but I'll just say there's great stuff ahead of you~

      Understandable, it is a considerable time investment of course. I usually like to think that if I wasn't watching a long series I'd just be watching multiple short ones, but if you're really hooked you will spend more time on the long one.

      I like Serena, but I've never been a big fan of showcases. Like I enjoy them for developing her character (as well as seeing her rivals, and seeing Jessie do stuff, I was really happy that she won last time), but the event itself is kinda whatever. There's pretty animation, but it lacks the intensity of a straight 1v1 competition. I'm definitely looking forward to the Zapdos episode, anything that's focused on Ash's Pokemon is my bread and butter.

      It's definitely been a very gradual process, making my own discoveries through countless doodles and being inspired by other art I've seen (mainly manga, Dragonball was my first one so it had the most defining effect to my style).
    7. Rohanator
      Gintama's beginning doesn't really do the overall series justice, the humour, animation, etc etc all improve vastly as the show goes on. I liked it enough while first getting into it, but eventually became hooked in the 20's. Also the show has an underlying plot, and several serious arcs with story telling that eventually bumped the show into my #1 spot. And that's really saying something because my #1 used to be One Piece, and I never thought GOda would get dethroned.

      I'd be glad to help if I can, tho I can't say I'm really the ideal teacher when it comes to art, since pretty much just all been about the grind, I don't know specific tricks that guarantee getting better or anything.

      Honestly it might just be Gintama that caused me to lose interest in Pokemon, I had a similar phaze when I got into One Piece. Though the fact that the last 2 episodes didn't live up to their hypes definitely didn't help. But, as long as the last gym and league's are good I'll be satisfied. So I guess I'm just waiting now.
    8. Rohanator
      Thanks, I'm glad to hear that! Comments like these make me wanna get back into a more consistent grind, I haven't been all that motivated for a while now. Partly due to not being as excited about Pokemon right now (we all need breaks when you're into something for so long). I've been trying to make drawings of my new favourite anime though, so hopefully you won't mind seeing few of those pop up.
    9. Master_Tyrell
      Thank you for the request! :D My second friend here. xD
    10. Janovy
      HEY! Thank you for the friend request :D
    11. Navin
      Sure, whatever you're comfortable with, though telling someone whether you're Indian won't reveal anything.

      You're not asked about it because most non-Indians probably won't be familiar with the Indian caste system.
    12. Mrs. Oreo
      Mrs. Oreo
      Hello there. ^^
    13. Mega Altaria
      Mega Altaria
      Thanks for the FR!
    14. Navin
      Lol, nobody cares about that stuff unless you're hiding from someone.

      If you're not a Kshatriya, and you're using it because it's the old caste term for "warrior king", that's pretty edgy lol.
    15. Navin
      So are you a Kshatriya or did you decide to be edgy and incorporate a foreign denomination?
    16. Master_Tyrell
      You are welcomed, they definitely are great contributions and enjoyable.
    17. Master_Tyrell
      Hey man! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your posts. It's very nice to see someone discuss things and trying to keep any bias out, and when there is bias you admit it. Keep up the nice discussions! Also thanks for those bits of translations you post on the episode threads, they are quite informative.
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:
    Currently a University Science Major. Hobbies include drawing, playing video games, subtitling, reading novels and manga, writing articles, essays, reflections, etc. and watching assorted anime.

    Sports are fun, too.

    Though usually I'm too busy working or studying for any of the above.

    ...Favourite game series include:
    -Pokemon Main Series
    -Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series
    -Pokemon Ranger Series
    -Super Smash Bros.
    -The Legend of Zelda
    -Metal Gear Solid (and Metal Gear Rising, incidentally.)
    -Super Mario
    -Paper Mario
    -Final Fantasy
    -Batman Arkham Series
    -Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Series

    Favourite Anime Include:
    -Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
    -One Piece
    -Death Note
    -Code Geass
    -Fairy Tail (The story's fairly good, and Mashima's artwork is incredible.)
    -Monster (Naoki Urasawa's work is phenomenal.)
    -D. Gray-Man (They're bringing the anime back and the style has lots more colour like the manga's colour pages! This is pretty exciting.)
    -Bleach (Some really cool characters, powers, and story elements. Fights are also quite spectacular. But Kubo's pacing has been...bothersome.)
    -Fullmetal Alchemist+Brotherhood (Original felt darker, but maybe because I already read Brotherhood's manga beforehand.)
    -DragonBall+Z+GT+Super (Though SSJ4>SSG in terms of appearances and logic :p)
    -Digimon (Haven't seen it in a while, though. Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode is absolutely ridiculous, though, from what I've seen/heard.)

    Anime, Manga, Science, Art, Novels, Anthropology.