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  • Yeah, I jumped the gun by calling it crappy. I was originally going to say "poorer port" but I didn't like the alliteration. MGS3 is honestly one of my favourite games so I really think he should have gave the series a better shot.
    Landorus was always attack-based. That's why it got an increase in attack.
    While Thundurus & Tornadus were both equal, stat-wise, Thundurus benefited more from the special spectrum than Tornadus.

    Meanwhile you're using a completely different Tiger vs Dragon thing (and citing tv tropes why are you citing tv tropes) even though if you were going solely with Celestial beast you already had an out with Dragon vs Phoenix.

    Next up, why wouldn't Landorus be the Turtle in the first place? The turtle is aligned with Earth, longevity, and worship, things that all fit Landorus pretty well.

    It could be true, I suppose, but personally I think they just chose some random animals for the sake of it.
    I like them very much, generally they're more interesting personality-wise.
    I really like Henry, he seems like a cool guy. Canas and Etzel are awesome too.

    I also liked Salem from FE5. Even though he wasn't good at dark magic.

    Ever played the FE-kinda-ripoff Tear ring saga? Since they have a kinda finished translation I played through it, it was really good. Only one dark magic user in that one though. Some witch named Sierra. (Her growths suck... ;_;)
    Other method is probably more reliable since there's no third interaction with the internet
    Hah indeed! A lot of things, for sure!
    We just can't remember them all at once xD
    One thing I need to say; I CLEARLY remembered you when Politoed got Drizzle as ability! :D
    Anyways, nice project there, good luck on it!
    I've been working and traveling a lot xD not thaaat much about traveling, but I've been kinda busy. THOUGH this doesn't answer my absence here, it feels very nostalgic being back here!
    Nice to see people I liked are still on the forum! =D
    What about you!? How are you doing?
    Yeah.. it was kinda random. =p Idk how much it would actually get used by other people tbh, if only because the word is not that simple, nor is there imo much need for people to state their Pokemon has more than one good IV often (e.g. in trades people often just state all of them). My thought anyways; not bad if you just want to use it yourself though.

    I prefer these new forms to the former which just seemed so darn similar to each other. At least they have some differences to each other besides colouration and typing!
    It's Adamant and Sheer Force like you asked - hopefully the stuff below the surface is what you were looking for as well.
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