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  • Your level is too conditional. At the very start, you have access to only one propeller cap. When you lose that, you've lost. Replace the block with a propeller pipe. Second, the ceiling in the next area. Those fire flowers have no point up there since it seemingly exists for the sole purpose of dropping spinies on your head. If there is a way up there, you didn't make it obvious enough. Next, the coin brick in front of the piranha plant stack. On its own, the stack is obnoxious, but the red koopa needs to be able to hit it. This can not be done if the player kicks the shell off the left side. Move the coin brick to the far left slope and compensate those ceiling spinies with a different enemy like green winged koopas or place a koopa spawner somewhere in there. Next, reduce the jump distance between that platform and the bloopers. It is too long to reliably jump off of an enemy with an unpredictable movement pattern. On its own, it should be a hazard, not a platform. Red winged koopas work better as reliable bounce platforms. I couldn't get past the winged spiny spike spam for many lives. There's a little too much going on there. There are a few spots past that that require one-time-use enemies. At the end, the propeller cap is only good for one jump up, which you're bound to get hit by the numerous bloopers. If you mess up here or at the spinies, you have to start over. I abused invincibility frames to bound through bloopers to get the flagpole.
    Remind me again what your level was. There were a number of them from various users that I'd skipped under reasoning of bad level design. Typically either through enemy spam or from getting stuck from one-time-use things required to progress. Otherwise I am persistent to the end. If I wasn't, I never would have been able to upload the butt-clenchingly hard Waluigi's Crooked Mansion.
    You're welcome.

    I did find a few points where it seemed possible for the level to become unwinnable (If none of the shells at the start break the wall as well as if someone falls into the pits with enemies in them and kills all the enemies). I'd recommend replacing the block with the Koopa at the start with a pipe and either adding a way out of the pits or, if nothing else, a permanent way for a player to kill themself.
    I'm happy for you. It's not everyday that a top becomes a bottom. Please send me a recording.
    Oh yeah, feel free to do so, I don't have Mario Maker so it's better off being made by someone else. Might sticky it too if necessary.
    If Shrek is no longer the hottest animated character from a Dreamworks movies, I'm not sure I want to know what is.
    Given that Golden Sun is very much a typical old-style RPG, there are several items and bonuses that you can completely miss without knowing something is there. There is no significant points of no return in the first or second one, unless you save after beating the last boss in the first one so be mindful of that. Other than that there's not much to explain, but classes can get fun later on so consider looking up a guide if you don't want to go the generic (albeit effective) Earth/Fire/Wind/Water classes.
    All they said was that Pokken wasnt going to be the major singular thing of 2016
    Don't have one, don't plan to. I'd rather use my fingers for anal stimulation instead of a toy.
    here is what we know about the new pokemon game's time frame:

    there's too many unknowns
    Hmm... off the top of my head I'd say Ryan Reynolds is the hottest man I'd like to bang. And by "bang" I mean rape and then choke while fondling myself.
    I probably would've gotten that too if I had a Wii U when that promotion happened. And if I got MK8 of course.
    What new Smash DLC are we waiting on?

    Good luck with grad school. You'll need it given your low intellect.
    Never got Wind Waker HD but I did play the original one. Probably one of my favorite Zelda games, although I haven't played many.
    I don't know if there's any way to specifically make a rule to limit them. Probably just stick to closing them when they come up if they're pointless and don't generate any discussion.

    but you're not proving any point if you're only pretending to be mad because the point is you're mad at people talking about their amiibo collections, presumably in the topic of amiibo, where it would be relevant
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