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  • I would think Rayman probably fits into some sort of Miscellaneous grouping.
    I would totally play you. I'm not super great either though :) Meteor smashing someone with Luigi's taunt is super satisfying.
    I believe they just found that from datamining, though I wouldn't know for sure. I haven't bothered with it.
    Yeah, just let me know when you want to play and I should be free today unless I've gone to eat.
    Are you free later? I've got class coming up soon so I won't be back for about two or so hours.
    I think it's just going to be available in the game in some form. There's nothing that implies that Glalie/Steelix are Megas exclusive to the demo, and especially since Japan exclusively got Steelix, I'm sure they'll just be obtainable in-game.
    Ah sorry, I was busy so I only just saw the VM. I don't know if you still need to get that signed but I'm not available right now anyway.
    If anybody could help me signed a petition really soon, I could try to think of a reward.
    I can do it, however I am logging off for the night in 15 minutes. Respond to me as soon as possible.
    Being like kirby's air ride doesn't excuse poor decisions, not even remotely. It certainly doesn't help that City Trial was a completely different play experience.
    And "using power ups to compensate" only goes so far. You can't use them in the final round. You have no idea what type of challenges you'll face. Sometimes they just aren't enough.
    Also the list of powers is just so useless.
    I have used the same load out +/- some random low levels for basically the entire time
    There's just no real reason to grab a bunch of high level powers or mess with the temporary power ups beyond speed. Power Bomb, Meteor Shower, Horizontal Beam and Recover are basically all you need

    And, frankly, about all (+/- some random power of your choice) you'll be able to load up on. Equipment barely makes it so you can eek out maybe 25. Grabbing high level powers is just a waste of space.
    No ok see here's a list of problems:
    1. It's not balanced around all the characters equally. Some just get wrecked and are at a distint disadvantage depending on the enemies that spawn and hte challenge at the end
    2. Enemies spawn in near-random batches that you have absolutely no way of influencing. Often they can and will spawn near each other and can chain lock you into a KO without any way to get out of it
    3. Chain locking you in general is a huge issue
    4. Because enemy spawns are near-random there is no real way to seek out specific types of power ups for the battle.
    5. The battle itself is completely random and you will only sometimes get a hint that you can't work towards. This goes back to the lack of balance because some characters, no matter the boosts, are just at a distinct disadvantage depending on what the event is.
    6. The time you put into the mode gaining stats vs the time you put into the battle is awful. There is a 100% chance that most of your hard earned stats are useless
    7. The risk/reward of most of the enemies is terrible. Things like Darknuts are never worth your time unless you already have considerable boosts. It is just never, ever worth fighting Clobberskulls.
    8. Going back to the completely random match that you will randomly just never get a hint towards, it makes it near impossible to seek out specific power ups. There is almost never a reason to, even if you could do it reliably, because there's a chance that focusing on one stat will be totally useles.
    Well, we've got a thread for that now so if you're looking for someone to play against you can try posting there.
    Too bad Smash Run is a half baked idea that needed severe overhauls during development
    If its getting mad over anything, it's over how the 3ds version is just gimped almost across the board
    Well if you catch something in-game, it's kind of difficult for it for it to turn out poorly unless it's a Pokemon that's just awful as it is.
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