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  • Well, it's hard to get a Pokemon that doesn't work well in-game. I probably won't use my Glalie in-game since I've roughly got a team I want to use already.
    Could be better, but you can always breed for another one later if you want to use a competitive Mega Glalie. I'm still waiting on an email so I haven't even gotten my Glalie yet.
    This would make sense if not for the fact that Japan is still getting Steelix and also that tpci does not care at all about versatility

    i think you just get neutral natures no matter what
    There is just no way the demo isn't an early start.
    I can envision NO scenario where Steelix is limited to exactly one region. At least (AT LEAST) if Steelix was in the america demo, you know, sure an argument could be made about wanting you to tdae
    If there was just only one mega in the demo or if you could get both, I'd say demo-only

    But the fact they're region-locked makes me believe that it will be an early start
    Yeah, I can understand that. Some people go insane over what's just a game, and it gets annoying when you also are excited but not freaking out.

    It's a nifty combo, but I don't like how slowly WFT falls.
    People are always insanely impatient. I went to get the game at midnight, but I don't care that some people got it earlier on the eShop. Or worse, try to get a store to break the street date.
    It's not the Aerilate I was hoping for, but Delta Stream is more than a good substitute.
    i hate him so mcuh i'm glad he doesnt hang out in the oras section
    Good enough, probably. Given that the game is so old anyway it doesn't matter much if the battery doesn't always work.
    Certainl users just need to not post. Sadly, many of them will continue posting and there's no way of enforcing differently.
    i see no reason to not believe the pastebin data. It's thorough, it's from a reputed source, there's nothing outlandish in there.
    There is absolutely no hidden characters within the cart that we don't know about

    DLC is a given, but the stages being the only one with the hooks makes me wonder if we will get any characters. If the team dismantles, making stages would allow Sakurai to work on other projects without having to work on any more characters. They're presumably a lot less work, comparatively.
    We'll see
    When the release for SSB43DS arrives closer do you mind if you add my 3DS XL friend code? My 3DS's Circle Pad cover falls off easily now so I'm using my other system for battles.
    Yes, I'm asking why they're calling him "Rockandroll". It's dumb.

    People are insisting what now?
    Ah, well if he can work on it again hopefully he can get it to stay in place more firmly, then.
    If it was working before, could be possible that it's just not in properly. Of course I've heard replacing internal batteries on Pokemon games can be risky business if not done carefully, so who knows if it's just that.
    In regular menus, R functions the same as the A button (and L functions as a B button). And when selecting a stage, holding R will select the second music track on the stage (noted by a red border around the stage on the bottom screen).
    For Smash? R is used for shielding and rolls/dodges (if holding directional pad), if that's what you're asking.
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