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  • In regular menus, R functions the same as the A button (and L functions as a B button). And when selecting a stage, holding R will select the second music track on the stage (noted by a red border around the stage on the bottom screen).
    For Smash? R is used for shielding and rolls/dodges (if holding directional pad), if that's what you're asking.
    I lost X lol but I logged into my copy of Y. I hope that helps! Let me know if it doesn't.
    Aww yea :D I added you on the 3DS and NNID. My NNID is Teal_Kirby and my 3DS FC is 1306-6312-2369 :D
    Yeeeeeees! We should exchanged friend codes/NNIDs :D? I was going to respond to the racket joke lmao, it was pretty clever. I honestly forgot he used that as a weapon in Superstar Saga. It's been so long since I played that game, I don't even think I got that far before I got sidetracked and never went back. I have it around here somewhere though so I should replay it. Major kudos though for Ludwig being your favorite, especially for the musician reason. Beethoven is pretty boss :D

    Dat flutter jump though, between that, his "Oh..." and Iggy slapping his *** and screaming before the battle I thought I was going to die laughing haha. I am so stoked they're in Smash, I'm going to try to unlock them first :]
    I felt like replying here instead of the Smash topic lol...

    My personal favorites are Iggy and Ludwig. Iggy comes across to me as crazy, and Ludwig has the best motif.
    You have excellent taste. My personal favorites are Ludwig (tho that is probably obvious lmao) > Lemmy > Larry = Iggy. This is probably a reeeeeeally stupid question but do you plan on getting the 3DS version when it comes out?
    I think might of been, but I'm not certain. I've been so frustrated that I don't remember that well...but I DO know that it's checked in now.

    Speaking of which, I need to go take a breather. This isn't worth getting worked up over....
    the ones posted and then some handwaving revolving "classic mode, forever"
    which leak, the ESRB leak or the one going on now
    I can give you the rundown on both
    Probably. Not everyone who has something is inclined to leak it.

    Just look at corocoro. There's probably dozens of people that get it early every month, but most wouldn't bother posting it (spite, young, dont care, etc)
    Rayquaza is also the only Pokemon outside of Arceus that learn both Hyper Voice and Extreme Speed by level, and it would also fit Rayquaza given the connection with its Flying typing. That said, Air Lock has been incredibly useful for Rayquaza given how popular Kyogre is in competitive, but if Groudon and Kyogre get new abilities, I think Rayquaza should get one too.

    Ah, my internal battery died years ago for both Ruby and Emerald, never bothered to try and fix them. No issues came about, though.
    I've got stuff going on throughout the week so it'll be over soon for me. I'm hoping for Aerilate on Primal Rayquaza, personally.

    Is the internal battery dead?
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