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  • I think might of been, but I'm not certain. I've been so frustrated that I don't remember that well...but I DO know that it's checked in now.

    Speaking of which, I need to go take a breather. This isn't worth getting worked up over....
    the ones posted and then some handwaving revolving "classic mode, forever"
    which leak, the ESRB leak or the one going on now
    I can give you the rundown on both
    Probably. Not everyone who has something is inclined to leak it.

    Just look at corocoro. There's probably dozens of people that get it early every month, but most wouldn't bother posting it (spite, young, dont care, etc)
    Rayquaza is also the only Pokemon outside of Arceus that learn both Hyper Voice and Extreme Speed by level, and it would also fit Rayquaza given the connection with its Flying typing. That said, Air Lock has been incredibly useful for Rayquaza given how popular Kyogre is in competitive, but if Groudon and Kyogre get new abilities, I think Rayquaza should get one too.

    Ah, my internal battery died years ago for both Ruby and Emerald, never bothered to try and fix them. No issues came about, though.
    I've got stuff going on throughout the week so it'll be over soon for me. I'm hoping for Aerilate on Primal Rayquaza, personally.

    Is the internal battery dead?
    yeah sure, though it'll need to be tomorrow (or just next time we interact, really) since I'm done with it for the night
    At the moment I have no need for it, but it does look nice. I probably won't get one until an exclusive game that interests me comes out. Xenoblade really doesn't look like a game I'd like that much so I won't bother for now.
    Well, someone people can get pretty crazy in just one thread and not in others.

    I don't really have much that needs to get done right now, just a long 3 day weekend.
    If it continues to be an issue, maybe, though it seems that's dropped for now.

    Started the semester so I'll be a little less active than I have been for awhile. Nintendo Discussion is pretty calm though, so that shouldn't be an issue.
    Well, it's not really a huge issue since we don't have a ton of people continuously dragging on the "but I still think it's false" card. If anything, it's the "people need to stop denying the leak" posts that are getting annoying, since there's barely anyone saying they deny the leak at this point.
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