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  • I just don't see the logic in only showing a mostly completed roster. They could have just grabbed the starting roster (which this definitely isn't unless we're in for a deluge of characters in the next few weeks) or a demo roster. the esrb would probably need to see everyone at a glance anyway (I suspect they lingered on every character for a few seconds, judging by the number of stills of character renders)

    the seeming lock on all-stars i weird but I feel its more likely a misinterpretation of the lock, that there's some other requirement, or was footage from earlier
    Nah, he's not just a lone exception. The other thing is that keeping things in spoilers is a courtesy more than anything. It's much better to keep things hidden in spoilers, but if people really want to avoid them they're better off avoiding the internet.
    I see no reason to believe it isn't the final roster beyond any dlc
    Well the deal with Shulk is hard to contain as a spoiler since it's been going around so often lately to the point of hardly being a spoiler. Spoilers seem to still be around, though. If it gets to be a problem with people being too careless with spoilers I'll say something about it.
    [I wasn't so much disappointed in the characters themselves as I was that this ended up being true, for the reasons I stated in the thread. The only disappointment is that it likely means Lucas is just going to be DLC, which frustratingly means I've temporarily lost my main if there really is DLC. Outside of that, none of the characters impress me the same way that Robin and Lucina did, I was hoping there'd be something else impressive to reveal.]
    Was the rhyming intentional? I've already moved in, looking forward to the semester and seeing old friends.
    The hilarious part about this leak is how there wasn't ONE leaker, there were FOUR

    at least one of these leakers was sent information and edited it for...reasons??? and now there's like "leakers" hanging off of leakers faking things for attention and then maybe actual people invovled and who knows by this point
    Hah, the comparison to Buu was fairly widespread, so it was probably not too mysterious anyway. And that's an understandable worry, but I also think someone in his position has seen enough pestering comments to be able to know when they're really pestering, rather than just joshing around. =)
    I'm afraid I don't know, sorry. I only had the opportunity to speak to him a few times, and all about staff-related things. I know he's kind, and fair, and has a decent sense of humor, but being busy is also a key characteristic that I remember, haha.
    Unless you happen to have a shiny Nidoran-M, shiny Pawniard or shiny Trapinch, there's nothing I really need at the moment.
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