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  • I'm afraid I don't know, sorry. I only had the opportunity to speak to him a few times, and all about staff-related things. I know he's kind, and fair, and has a decent sense of humor, but being busy is also a key characteristic that I remember, haha.
    Unless you happen to have a shiny Nidoran-M, shiny Pawniard or shiny Trapinch, there's nothing I really need at the moment.
    If I have the nature you want among my breeding Ditto, I would be perfectly happy to try.
    It honestly would be interesting if they had a scrolling screen to select characters for the 3DS version, it would be really convenient. I guess we won't know for sure until the game comes out.
    Nah, I just really don't like this leak very much. By principle I've never liked leaks that happen from unknown sources since they just end up being a mess.
    Honestly, aside from all that, I want it to be fake because if it's real, the excitement of the next few weeks was just destroyed, and that's the worst feeling. I'm just hoping that an upcoming POTD can confirm/debunk this, all it takes is one good POTD to decide it.
    The thing is that there's a lot of minor inconsistencies and unusual design changes from the template we've already seen at E3. They definitely could have done all those things, but I don't like that reasoning. I just don't want to give a leak the benefit of the doubt so much just because it looks more convincing than the fake ones we've seen before. We've seen some surprisingly well done X/Y leaks that were fake too.

    And again, the fact that an ESRB tester supposedly leaked this really doesn't sit well with me since that's a bit too obvious as to who it could have been. People caught leaking can get blacklisted and sent to jail, that just seems like an incredibly stupid move for a real leaker to make. Leakers have been caught in the past, but with the numerous other peculiar things in contrast to stuff that looks believable or legit, I'm leaning more towards fake than real on this.
    I personally see more evidence against the leak than for it, so I'm leaning much more towards fake. Technically there's nothing that directly proves it's fake, but the idea of an ESRB tester leaking this info with an attitude like that, on 4chan of all places, really doesn't help my opinion of it. Especially given what happens to leakers who get caught.
    so i'm waffling on to "probably real" now

    Do you remember the BW1 & XY leaks, where people tried and tried and tried but just could not conclusively prove them fake.
    And then the selection of characters & stages are so...sakurai-ish. There's no big ~wishlist thing~. I don't see anyone intentionally trying to pass of Dr. Mario, Dark Pit & Bowser Jr. before ridley or mewtwo or k. rool.

    bah we'll see, there's still some weird things bugging me like the yoshi thing
    As it turns out I don't have any Psychic Safaris in my list, I suppose I can definitively tell you that none of them contain Espurr.
    I don't think I have any Espurr in the Psychic Safaris I do have, but I'll check the next time I'm in the game.
    with any luck we'll get another veteran this week or next

    or a smash direct
    A lot of my older shinies are from the standard 1/8192 odds, those one always gave me a greater sense of reward when I found them.
    ah i haven't played today, been so busy

    I don't think she moves in for real until tomorrow, anyway
    No, that's fine. Don't go to any undue trouble on my account. I'm not terribly concerned with IVs and I have a suitably natured Trapnich hatched and waiting in the box for OR/AS.
    450 eggs? Try 1000+ :p

    I've had three MM hunt in my X that reached 1000+ eggs, and two of them are with Shiny Charm. Honedge, Froakie, and Heatmor, with the latter two being done with Shiny Charm.
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