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  • I will kill your hopes right now: Genius Sonoriety doesn't seem to be involved with the event and I doubt that they give such a large lead up to it.
    Yeah, that's not a very abnormal amount of eggs for me, haven't had an extremely long one in awhile, thankfully.
    Oh, looks like you've already got someone for that, but I barely touch Animal Crossing anymore anyway.
    Yeah, she accepted instantly since I had a slot open in my town.

    Sorry for running off so quick, the dogs were barking up a storm and I needed to see why. Also food, but I usually try to look around town if I'm ever over at someone else's
    Ah, actually, has she moved out already or is she just packed up? I might need to talk to her and head to your town
    yesssssssssss i would love her i can open up right now but i'll be afk because i gotta eat
    Yeah, those are the only numbers I know, I haven't bothered much with the numbers much before.
    I think the numbers in the first post of the shiny thread should be correct, but I don't know for sure.

    Breeding with MM in Gen 6: 1/683
    Breeding with MM + Shiny Charm in Gen 6: 1/527
    I always keep thinking we've seen images of berry trees but we haven't, given how we've got the deal with Poke Marts being their own building like in the original R/S/E.
    If you've already hatched 330 eggs, it shouldn't be so bad as long as luck doesn't decide it wants to work against you.
    Yeah, I've got the shiny charm so hatching for a shiny usually isn't a painfully long task.
    Well I finally got my first Gen V Mega revealed but I need a MegaChandelure & MegaHydreigon to satisfy me completely haha!

    Oh and the Battle Frontier but I wouldn't be surprised if we got the Battle Tower considering they made Rock Smash an HM again plus the separation of Pokémon Centers and PokéMarts.
    That's also part of why I didn't bother using it for my more serious Pokemon, since I don't want that slowing down my battles all the time.
    I didn't bother too much with Pokemon Amie, I tried it because I thought it might contribute to the trainer card color changes, but didn't bother anymore once I realized it didn't.
    That works. I've actually never bothered with Friend Safari since I can't stay interested when looking for shinies there.
    I'm conflicted on that. On the one hand, Metagross' strength and versatility would slot in pretty well in my intended Alpha Sapphire roster, and it's available from the start. On the other hand, I've already raised a Metagross, that I still have and use, and I try not to duplicate using Pokémon that I've already raised intently.

    We'll see. It's possible I'll use it in a potential second run through Hoenn.
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