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  • Have you been progressing slowly or are you doing another playthrough and have both versions? I've still got plenty to do in terms of getting legendaries but I had to take a small break to do other things awhile back.
    Cool. I was not sure what I had to trade anyways.
    I am currently SR'ing a shiny legend, so I do not really have access to go and catch something anyways either lol.
    Ok, I will hop online from Ultra Moon. Player name is Moon. What player name am I looking for?
    I've loved the cotton goat elf ever since it was first leaked back in the BW pre-release days.
    Probably just default to one dialog or the other

    The GS dialog is very vague
    Yeah, I agree with what you said. I usually go with Brick Break for my Fighting type moves, but I am considering using Drain Punch for some in USUM.
    I do not have GS on VC, so whatever you can find there may work.
    lmao people have been like this since gen 4, this will always happen and hte only reason its noticable now is because they get louder sometimes. If you step like an immediate step away you see people totally fine with the games and/or not care
    The games dont just sconsistently sell over a million every single game for no reason
    I got my games mixed up: I got ultra sun so i could use Lycanroc Dusk more easily
    I am sans any King's Rock at the moment. I believe it's not given until postgame and I'm nowhere near that yet.
    no joke, the entire reason i got ultra-moon instead of ultra-sun was because of the lycanroc thing. I passed on using it in my Sun and Moon playthroughs and dang it, im using the stupid orange version.
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