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  • I would think the slightly different layout and buttons might prove to be an issue.
    As a competitive player it doesn't bug me too much since I can easily trade for the others but out of principle it was definitely a poor choice of a version exclusive.
    Yeah seems that way, still unfortunate that they decided to lump in both Heatran and Regigigas into that bunch of version exclusives though, if only because the latter is a horrible exclusive and should've remained tied to having the other Regis.
    I'm doing alright, just making sure I'm ready for the USUM release next Friday. Keeping away from spoilers if I can easily avoid them until then.
    Yeah, I know that not everybody is in it for the story. However, as I'm a person who loves characterisation and story more than mechanics (although mechanics are still great), I really don't wanna get spoiled on this game's storyline - especially since SM got leaked last year.
    i am genuinely considering getting the shiny charm first (much easier with no national dex) just to roll those dice a bit more.
    I think it's a neat concept and I'm curious to see to what end they've executed it.
    Not sure, but if you can SR all those legendaries to be shiny (especially the gen VII ones), I will be playing them a lot.
    Honestly? I didn't watch that one, though I do agree that the Japanese soundtrack is almost right up there with anime for older audiences.

    I avoid watching anime in Japanese language whenever possible. Pokemon is the only thing I decide to spoil myself about since I truly believe the writers are insignificant people mangling already good stories (in other words, I'm a total cynical sadist to them), or they really shouldn't dumb down their writing for people younger than 10 years.

    The above is part of the reason I deserted the anime spoilers section. I just don't find the need to watch or even support anime discussion for it anymore. I'd rather discuss about anything Toonami shows.
    Me? Pay money for a movie that's got its music heavily altered, has got the worst anime voice actors to ever grace anime, and is a shadow of its Japanese former self while I am used to watching it for free from home?

    Ha ha.

    Short Answer: No. Never will.
    I went yesterday and they didn't have the cards yet. They were able to print me a code via a receipt. I'll try another location on Friday when I go to pick up my copy of Odyssey.
    I'm willing to believe partially what the chinese leaker ("riddler" was such a dumb nickname, it was barely riddles!) says, but I'm willing ot bet some of this details are a bit off. Part of that dealing with the usual game of telephone/development changes (present in his original set of leaks, such as mentioning greninja forme changing based on z crystals), part of that deal with their apparenty disinterest in the USUM game. So he probably wasnt as receiptive to details.

    For instance, the RR part about past villains from worlds where they won. I can see that actually meaning some villains who may/may not be from other worlds, possibly not where they won because that would mean some weiiiiiiiiiird things for Archie & Maxie (who were instantly retentive the moment they saw they caused the apocalypse and at heart did seem to care about the state of the world), not to mention Cyrus (wanted to destroy & recreate the universe) & Lysandre (fantasy nuke the world). Which...basically just leaves Ghetsis and idk the Johto admins? If they come from "they won" timelines. I cannot envision N ever going with any part of Giovanni's anything, period.
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