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  • I can't this second, but keep that in mind for the future, as I do want to start visiting some other towns and vice versa.
    There certainly is a competitive Smash Bros world but it isn't so much about individual characters (though there are some characters that are flat out better or more versatile than others) as it is about the style of playing.

    My friends and I had a rule that if someone is forced off an edge of a level, they're allowed to get back on land before being attacked. But I learned that a Japanese foreign exchange student I knew, that rule was unheard of and he had no problem aggressively going after opponents when they're trying to get back onto the level.
    I'd say Megaman. I have not yet tried the AC series (but I might with the newest one once exams end), and I also quite like Megaman music.

    Wii Fit Trainer is pretty amusing too.
    Internet at critical mass.

    Fairy-type discussion should be limited solely to the existing X/Y forum threads. What sits in GPD right now is a festering mess.
    I'd like to see Mega Man, but that's never going to happen.
    If we get anyone out of Namco it's likely to be a Tekken main stay

    Otherwise I genuinely want to see an Animal Crossing kid playable
    Same here. Well, I'll worry about it after worrying about my exam before said announcement I suppose.

    Should be a good while away still, so I guess there's going to be another loooong period of wild speculation. =p
    As far as I know, Ike/Soren support in PoR is the only thing that affects RD's story. Other than that, you can make Zihark join the Greil Mercs with Ilyana provided they have a bond support, and I have no idea what the Ike vs. Micaiah fight would be referring to.
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