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  • The only legendary I see getting a type change is Mewtwo in its new forme, and even then I doubt that.
    Also it's an Eeveelution. They aren't exactly subtle about their typings.
    The only other thing I could see is Flying type but in that case why make a big deal out of it and also imply some form of effectiveness against ice

    Against all logic it would be nice if masuda said Slyveon's type this saturday but it will just be corocoro's blow out.
    both answers amount to the greatest confused shrug you can imagine

    It's just a mess, and it doesn't help that Hiro says some (BUT NOT ALL) of the supposed leak is false.

    I, at the very least, believe, in the Fairy type portion of the rumor. Or at least that it exists (and that Mawile will get type changed)
    Indeed, I noticed.

    These names being released basically confirms the existence of a new type, given that they were leaked half a day before, eh?
    Well, I wouldn't say bad, but anything with Arden is completely inferior to the exact same pairing with Lex. Chances are you won't really want two characters with Ambush, so Arden thus often goes unpaired.
    Alec is in a similar situation with Beowulf, but there's the off chance you might want Awareness over charge, or want to pair both of them due to Pursuit. Doing Lachesis/Beowulf and Alec/Briggid so both sets of kids have Pursuit is one example.
    Midir is only really good if paired with Aideen, and even then his so-so stats sort of drag Lester down, though Lester gets over it due to having both the Hero Bow and likely the Killer Bow to murder people with.

    Other than that, just pair a mage father with a melee mother or vice versa, with the obvious exceptions of Azel/Lachesis and Lex/Tiltyu aside, due to Lachesis having two magic sword capable kids and Lex/Tiltyu giving Wrath + Ambush hilarity, and Aira doesn't count because her kids (or Lakche at the very least) are literally unscrewable.

    Funny enough, I did a run with Claude/Aira once. Lakche and Skasaher were still killing machines due to their high base stats from Aira, arguably even moreso due to the fact that they were basically 6 Mov mages (magic swords, remember) who could attack physically pretty competently, AND had Astra. Plus Skasaher had the advantage of Major Blaggi, so he was magekiller extraordinaire.
    Kind of sort of but not really.

    The "Lachesis is an unfaithful ****" thing comes just as much from FE4 as it does FE5. In chapter 5, if paired together, Beowulf and Lachesis can have a conversation wherein Beowulf implies that she already has feelings for Fin, and mentions either Delmud already being born and not Nanna, or her being pregnant with Delmud during Chapter 5. Nanna still ends up with Beowulf's skills and her growths are influenced by Beowulf's regardless, but it's clear they intended for that to be the "canon" pairing even during FE4's development and that it wasn't something just dreamt up for FE5.

    The same could be said of Levin/Fury, since his conversation with his daughter in chapter 10 makes much, much more sense if his kids are Sety and Fee rather than any other characters since the game mentions Fury being the reigning queen of Silesia and I highly doubt she'd have claim to the throne unless she was married to Levin. Personally I feel his conversation with Tinny is probably one of the best pieces of evidence for Levin not being a soulless puppet of Holsety in Gen II, but that's neither here nor there.

    As for the other pairings, the only other ones that have any hint whatsoever ingame as to what is canon or not are the ones that are completely unchangeable, i.e. Zigludo/Diadora and Cuan/Ethlin. There are a few conversations that happen in Chapter 5 depending on who is paired with who, but some of them are downright dumb (Briggid with Alec? Really?) to others obviously being jokes (Ayra doesn't even realize that Arden is in love with her, and at this point she's already given birth to her twins).

    by the way, spoilers.
    Levin is the father of Fee and Sety, and Delmud/Nanna do have different parents.

    The prime indication of this is the fact that Delmud can wield the Beo Sword, which is only wieldable by Beowulf's kid, and Nanna can't.

    Fin also pretty much acts like Nanna is his child, though that could just mean he treats her as if she were his own, but I'd assume he knew whether he was the only one porking Lachesis after Delmud was born or not.
    I think to have to pick one or the other of those two is assuming, based on nothing. The problem is that it was poorly designed and glitchy, among other things. Guessing as to what led to those being the case is focusing on the wrong issue.
    When Brawl had just come out, people considered us the best place for it on the web (a torch we have since lost). As such, I intend to duplicate that success. I'd have done NintendoLand too if it had a Pokémon attraction.

    Hell, I have this page now: http://www.serebii.net/games/others.shtml
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