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  • Hey!

    Would you happen to have Skype? I've been meaning to get everyone from IGRMT in a Skype chat so it'd be nice if you'd pop in!
    Hahaha no worries. :p Good luck for those, then! :) Are you in your last year of school then? IGRMT has been pretty dead lately, understandably.
    Thanks for the info I was thinking the same thing but if you ever wanna battle i'm up for it I just gotta make a few team changes now that you answered my question and don't gotta worry about training to level 100.
    I caught it first Great Ball, but I slept it with Ivysaur first. It's got a Sitrus Berry, so have something with Thief to steal it.

    Return won't be full power the moment you get it, and TBH I'd rather have parahax anyway.
    Return | Earthquake | Crunch | Yawn

    Also always wanted to use him. He'll absolutely destroy the earlygame.
    Oh, he does. He's an amazing special meatshield if you need one, and he gets STABs earlier than in previous generations (Chip Away replaces Tackle at 17, Body Slam replaces that at 25). Strength is very early as well if you can't wait.
    Is the music on SS "poor"? That is sad to hear. I never played any Zelda game whose OST hadnt meet with my expectations.
    But, if the Puzzles is hard, then its good already. I dont see many games with some high-difficulty nowadays. That is something that Zelda is good. Some puzzles are always surprising! My favorite is one on A link to the Past. Where you had to use a mirror at a dungeon after you did a certain event.

    Yes! Games like MC would be good at 3DS. I would like a Remake of the old Zelda games on GBC. It was great game, but GB/GBC wasnt great. Just imagining of Zelda OoA (Oracle of Ages) with actual graphics and renewed gameplay, gave me goosebumps!

    Oh Lol! Yes, if you have read the Bens creepypasta before youve played Majoras, it will be hard to do it so.
    When i first played Majora, i was 11/12....not sure. In the Game Over, when the Moon falls on Termina and the Song Played it, my eyes were teared up already. I couldnt play it until i was 16. The game is really "dark", but that what is appealing on him.

    Just like Earthbound, an old SNES game. I loved that game, and for some retarded reason, ive read the Creepypasta before completing the game...i cannot play it again.
    Ahhhh, Skyward Sword. I need to play this game! It looks so beautiful. Nintendo could definitely use this style more.

    Hum, so you started with OoT 3D. I also started with OoT too, but on N64. It was a great game! I didnt understand most things at the beginning, though xD
    Minish Cap is great too. I loved Vaati! One of the best Zelda Portable Games.

    You should play Majoras Mask, really. Its way different than most Zelda Games. For me, its the best Zelda Game so far xD
    Aura....you play Zelda games? I looked at your old posts and noticed you play it.
    What Zelda games youve played?
    Wow, that was a while ago! XD
    I hear you. That really sucks. Hopefully XY will ignite the meta and we'll see more rates than ever. :D
    Two sounds good. Starting from Top and working our way down seems great as well. So shall we go with standard 'everyone gets a say but Certs need to approve' formula that we've been working with?
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